You Putting These Foods in the Fridge? DON’T!!!


Whether it’s seasonal or not, certain foods are available for quick snacks or occasional lunch and dinner. Most are always stocked up in the kitchen. They are stored in an open pantry, while others are stuffed in the fridge.

Refrigerating certain foods make them fresh and prevent them from easy rotten. But not every fruit and vegetable is totally alright to pack in your fridge. So which of these foods to never refrigerate and why not?

1. Potatoes

Potatoes need warm and dry temperature. Otherwise, starches in this veggie break down if placed in the fridge since the temperature is cold and moist.You Putting These Foods in the Fridge! DON’T!!!Image Source: allyou

2. Tomatoes

There’s no harm in placing tomatoes in the refrigerator. However, it makes this fruit mealy and dull. Hence, it’s best that you put them out of the fridge but in a safe place where no insects, bugs and cockroaches pass through.

3 Apples

Like tomatoes, it’s fine to refrigerate apples. Unless you have the plan to keep them untouched for more than a week, better put in the fridge. But your dining table would look more fabulous if you stock red and green apples in a cute basket right?

4. Onions

Onions should never be refrigerated. They become mushy and moldy if placed in a cold temperature area. But you must protect these round crop vegetables by putting them in a resealable bag such as Ziploc and stay away from direct sunlight.

5. Garlic

You do not have to put garlic in a cold temperature too. It’s better preserved in dry, cool and ventilated area; hence, stock in a container or jar. Although, do not wait for too long before you start peeling and slicing cloves of garlic.

To make sure these ingredients taste good, better put them in the recommended places.

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