Why Throw Peels When You Can Use Them For Other Things? True!


There are various discoveries of re-usefulness of some natural ingredients that can be adopted for future instances.

What you will learn have been actually used by our ancestors. You may remember what your grandmother had been doing before.

Fruits have to be peeled to get the flesh. That part of these natural ingredients are usually thrown because they cannot be eaten. But there are still some things that fruit peel may be used of. The best example is citrus fruit peel, which can be used as beauty care and cleansing for home use. Oranges and lemons are popular citrus fruits that can be reused for several home cleaning and body care too.

Citrus peelsImage Source: beautifulhomeandgardendiy

In making use of these natural fruits’ peels, you will see wonderful results that you cannot possibly guess. Also, this can save some money.

Here are some home use examples with citrus peels.

For Kitchen Tools

1. Removal of Limestone from Kettle

Mix citrus or lemon peel and a little white vinegar in water and boil water. After an hour of the exposure of this mixture, wash it with boiled water. It’s the eco-friendliest and inexpensive way to clean your kettle. This thoroughly cleans the inside and is ready for use again.

2. Coffeepot Cleaning

Coffeepot may be cleaned with the use of lemon peel, salt and water. In order to remove dirt and stain, leave the mixture in the coffeepot for some hours.

3. Stove and Cutlery Polishing

Polishing your cutlery and stove makes it look like brand new. The best you can use is a lemon peel. directly rub the lemon peel onto every inch of your cutlery and stove to clean. Dry with the use of microfiber cloth.

For Face and Body

1. Facial Mask for Oily Skin

Mandarin is among the inexpensive, natural cure for oily face and other parts of the skin. Instead of buying some very expensive creams and other products, use this natural ingredient. Mix peels of tangerine and oranges with white egg (optional) to make some cream and put all over your face. Let the mixture stay on the face and neck for ten minutes. The result will be clear, clean and purified skin.

2. Facial Cleansers

Pectin present in the peels of citrus fruits is good for face cleansing. To make this natural cleansing cream, boil some citrus fruits with pectin until properly dissolved. After mixture is cooled down, dip a cotton ball and dab on your face, neck and other skin areas.

3. Scrub for Delicate Skin

After drying the peels of tangerine, mince roughly and mix with oatmeal, yogurt and sugar. Apply all over your face, neck and other areas. This is a great alternative to remove dead cells from the skin of the face and body without paying for expensive products.

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