What Happens if You Add Coconut Oil to Coffee is Jaw-Droppin!


Coffee is naturally bitter in taste yet very delicious to majority of people. On the other hand, coconut oil can be a little sweet. So if you add a little coconut oil to your mug of coffee, what does it taste like?

Try it and you will see, there’s no harm in there, isn’t it?

What Happens if You Add Coconut Oil to Coffee is Jaw-Droppin!Image Source: theheartysoul

Well, adding coconut oil actually makes your coffee more delicious. But the real interest part that will surely motivate you to start pouring some amount of this oil is its additional health benefits. Yes, there are a few good reasons why your cup of coffee must have coconut oil every time you drink one. Here are the advantages for your health brought by coconut oil.

1. Coconut Oil Improves Energy

For some energy boost, coconut oil is a good natural source to rely on. This is because the oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs. These compounds are responsible in providing fuel for energy needs. They do not store fats so this oil also helps in losing or maintaining a healthy weight.

2. It Boosts Metabolism

Coconut oil also has the ability to improve metabolism as well. This is because of the lack of fat as replaced by fuel due to MCTs. At the same time, it increases HDL or good cholesterol levels. If metabolism is improved, the absorption of nutrients from foods you eat and drinks is much better. A good company for healthy breakfast, then essential vitamins and minerals needed daily are consumed.

3. It Strengthens the Immunity

Overall, this type of oil can help increase the immune system. This is because of its antimicrobial properties that are able to kill bacteria and viruses. Also, it contains lauric acid that constitutes around 50% fatty acids. All these help prevent or treat infections and diseases as immunity is increased.

A teaspoon or two of coconut oil should be added to your regular cup of coffee. You may also add other natural ingredients that contain additional health benefits. These can be honey, peppermint or vanilla. The mixture of these ingredients can create a much better taste if you use blender so each is equally combined.

These are the reasons why you must add coconut oil into your coffee from now on. The taste is going to be much better and you also gain more benefits.

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