Watch Your Sugar and You Can Save Your Life from Cancer


Sugar is a substance that has a common link to many serious ailments. It’s been reported that millions of death cases from diabetes to cancer and GERD to hyperglycemia are due to the excessive use of this ingredient. As a matter of fact, this is a big factor for the development of tumor, according to research studies. Cancer cells are fed by glucose and they can easily spread out of control. In other words, it’s not healthy to over consume sugar.

People who have high level of blood glucose are more susceptible in developing cancers, heart diseases and other serious illnesses. Diabetes isn’t the only diseases one can have if his system is loaded with blood sugar. It can be very difficult to control glucose in this unfortunate circumstance.

Watch Your Sugar and You Can Save Your Life from CancerImage Source: thetruthaboutcancer

Don’t forget that glucose is needed by our cells. Once absorbed, it is converted into energy. It is a matter of balance or strict control regarding the intake of sugar. If you have been diagnosed with either diabetes or cancer (or even both), it is not advisable to consume foods and drinks with sugar. As much as possible, only a little (very little) amount of this substance is needed.

Whether diabetes is already in place or not, it’s important that you always watch your sugar intake. You may like eating cakes or chocolates and drinking sodas. Occasionally, such sweets and sugary foods are alright. If it becomes a habit and merely a vice, then that’s not good. Also, processed foods and others with refined sugars or carbohydrates are not ideal to eat.

As already mentioned, cancer cells easily grow once exposed by glucose. They rely on any sources with sugars. It’s like their own oxygen in order to live, grow and spread. So cutting down sugar is an essential healthy habit to consider and keep in mind.

There are also foods that contain “hidden” sugar. They aren’t the obvious foods that make you instantly stay away from. Now do I have your curiosity going? Good. The dangers are those from whole grains and wheat, cereals, and yogurts. It means you also have to control your consumption of those foods.

As of these days, there are alternative “sugars” to take. Those can sweeten and give flavors but do not chemically turn into sugars that feed cancer cells. And you can always use honey instead.

One thing is clear: always watch your intake of sugar to prevent cancer as well as diabetes, heart diseases and other serious illnesses.

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