Want To Lose Weight Quick? Eat These 5 Foods!


Weight loss may be achieved by adding more protein into your meal. If you take in more protein by at least 25 to 30 calories, losing weight becomes faster. It can really help a person’s ability to eat in half and this result to shedding 1 pound in a week, according to some studies.

Here are 5 healthy foods that you must start eating in order to lose some weight fast.

1. Beans

Beans are a great source of protein for vegetarians. This is so filled with fiber, which is good for anybody as well. This food is not only cheap in price, but also makes you easily full. Because it’s faster to become full when you include this in your diet, there is no need to eat anything more than you regularly can.

2. Cabbage

You need to make some salad with cabbage or other dishes that contain this ingredient at least once a day. It’s also a great idea if you can add some cabbage leaves in your green smoothie. This vegetable is full of antioxidants and vitamin D. It can be an effective booster for the immune system too.

CabbageImage Source: gardeningknowhow

3. Pears and Apples

Just eat 1 or 2 whole pears or apples (or both) to further shed pounds. It’s easy to make juice from pears than apple, although the latter can be used as sauce. As long as raw because nutrients are not depleted, these fruits are not only delicious to eat but also cut down your cravings for other foods. The reason for this is their high amount of fiber.

4. Yogurt

Eating yogurt daily can somehow help a person have a safe and successful weight loss. But this is not proven to eliminate fat if you only rely on it alone. This food is highly recommended to take for those who do want to get slimmer fast.

5. Water

Drinking plenty of water helps you eat less food, which is one natural option to cut down pounds. But to ensure you get essential vitamins and minerals every day, choose fruits and vegetables that have high content of water. Among the great choices are apple, watermelon, melon and tomatoes that can really help a person lose weight. It is the water content that can make a person feel full for a long time so there is no need to eat more foods.

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