Want To Get In Shape? Do These Exercises!


In order to achieve a perfect sexy and healthy body you need to have some time for workout. You will be surprised as the result will show after a few days only. As promised, here are 2 regular exercises to help your body get back in great shape.

1. Squat

What To Do:
Your feet must be positioned hip and shoulder width apart.
Your toes must be turned out in order to get as much flexibility through movement.
Keep chest straight and tall.
Look forward and slightly up.
Make sure that your knees are in line with toes.
You have to squat lower as your own flexibility allows.

SquatImage Source: popsugar

What You Must Not Do:
Don’t allow your knees to travel in front of your toes.
Don’t let knees buckle inwards.
Don’t lift heels off the ground.
Don’t rely on your toes to support your weight.

Keep squatting shallow if going deeper is too difficult or uncomfortable to pull.

2. Pushup

What To Do:
Put your hands directly under shoulders.
Place both feet hip-width apart.
Do the plank position with body in straight line.
Keep neck neutral and must be in line with your shoulders.
As you lower your body, let your elbows remain in the same position and close to your body.

PushupImage Source: muscleandfitness

What You Must Not Do:
Don’t allow your butt to stick up or sag.
Don’t tilt your head up or tuck it in.
Don’t let shoulders come toward your ears.

Maintain some distance between your feet to have better performance, comfort and stability.

These exercises are not new because they have been among the common workouts done at the gym as suggested by professionals and even at home. But unfortunately, not a lot of people are doing any of these exercises. If you are among them, it’s best to start doing these workout activities.

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