Vaginal Odor? Worry No More. Here Are 3 Home Remedies.


Ladies, it is just common and normal to have some odor down there. But (yes a big warning) strong odor that smells fishy is abnormal. This can indicate some problems, including low pH level. Vaginal odor is usually associated with other signs and symptoms of vaginal issues. The most common symptoms are burning sensation, itchiness and discharge.

Smelly vagina is a common problem for ladies, especially teenage girls that they encounter during puberty. Once you encounter this problem, you must know that there are 9 out of 10 teens have this. You must not hide and keep it secret or ignore solutions, because there are several best and effective home remedies that you can use. If you are shy or not confident to go to the doctor, resort to home remedies.

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Home Remedies to Remove Vaginal Odor

1. Garlic

Having antibacterial and antifungal properties, garlic can effectively work. Some people may not understand the great effect of garlic as vaginal odor treatment because of its sharp odor. Believe this claim as an excellent home remedy to remove vaginal odor. You can try garlic pills by crushing or simply peeling fresh garlic cloves and liquefy. Either way, put in a small, breathable cloth and cover before you apply around the vaginal area.

2. Yoghurt

This is also a wonderful treatment against vaginal odor. Yogurt may not be the favorite food to some people but it’s actually one of the best probiotics. This can work in substantially diminishing vaginal odor.

Remember that vaginal smell is a sign of yeast or fungal infection. Lactobacilli in yogurt can be very helpful in fighting infection and consequently decreasing the bad smell. You must have some cups of unsweetened yogurt stuck in your fridge and add to your daily diet. Regular consumption of this helps in the recovery or balance of your normal pH levels.

In case you are suffering from strong vaginal odor you can dip a cotton swab over yogurt and place right into your vagina and the opening. Leave this for 1 hour or 2 before rinsing with warm water. This is also a great idea to keep a balanced pH level in your private area.

3. Instead of soap, which is not totally good at all, use a natural mixture to get rid of vaginal odor. Using traditional or commercial soaps to clean this sensitive area can only cause major problems. This is because soaps contain harsh chemicals. This doesn’t only make it more prone to vaginal issues, but also feeds bad bacteria making the infection worse. Not to mention that the first sign of it is undesirable odor that comes with itchiness and abnormal discharge.

So what you need to do is to wash your vagina with some homemade intimate vaginal solution. If you cannot find a naturally formulated product, you can use some drops of rose water or glycerin and mix in cup of warm water.

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All these are great natural remedies to prevent that bad smell around your sensitive area. Once fresh and normal, you feel more confident about yourself.

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