THIS Drink Can Clean Your Arteries!


To make sure your arteries are always unclogged, better drink this natural beverage. It originally came from Germany but many vegetarians and health conscious are practicing it. You should too!

There are only 4 ingredients required to make this juice. These are lemon, ginger, garlic and water. Each ingredient has incredible health benefits. Imagine if they are combined together! Should this motivate you enough?

THIS Drink Can Clean Your Arteries!Image Source: healthyfoodhouse

Before we reveal the recipe, let’s first discuss the benefits of the ingredients.

Lemon has properties that kill bacteria, germs and fungi. Garlic also has the same effect to the body. Lemon, ginger and garlic have anti-inflammatory compounds that help alleviate pain and inflammation. Water, well, is a great natural liquid to eliminate toxins.

If you combine all these ingredients, you can prevent certain diseases. These include common cold, flu, and several types of infections caused by fungi and bacteria. There is also increased levels of blood lipids and prevention of blocked arteries, which result to healthier heart because of normal blood flow. It can also cleanse your liver, prevent fatigue and improve immunity.

4 lemons with skin
4 large garlic heads
1 small ginger root
2 liter water

1. Wash lemons. Cut in pieces with skin on.
2. Peel garlic and ginger.
3. Toss lemon slices, garlic and ginger in a food processor or blender. Blend.
4. Transfer the mixture into a metal pot. Add water. Turn on the heat and let it boul.
5. Cool the mixture for a minute.
6. Strain and pour into a bottle, pitcher or glass.

This is recommended to drink 1 cup or glass a day for 3 days. Also, drink it on an empty stomach and must be 2 hours before you eat your meal. You can optionally add some honey if you prefer a much sweeter taste.

After 3 days, have a week break before you start drinking again for the same consecutive days. Do this for a year and you’ll see the amazing result to your health, especially blood and arteries. It’s important for people who suffered or have history of heart disease, stroke and hypertension to do this to further protect their heart. If blood vessels are clogged, it can really cause a sudden and painful ailment that triggers the heart to stop beating normally.

The total time to prepare this natural juice is 5 to 8 minutes. It means the process of this isn’t that difficult to do. So make one glass now and drink!

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