These Natural Remedies for Headache are Incredibly Effective


If you prefer natural remedies for headache, there’s no need to look further. I have a list of best, most reliable, and really effective cure against headache without the intake of prescription drugs.

Are you ready to have some headache free days?

Natural remedies for headacheImage Source: medicaldaily

1. Massage the Area

Headache is usually caused by enlarged or swollen vein around the forehead or either side of the head. You can ease the pain by massaging the affected area. Slow, gentle circular motion with the thumb of your hand is one traditional and proven method to temporarily cure headache problem. For sure, you don’t even think twice to do this once pain in your head strikes.

2. Stretch the Head and Neck

You can relieve your headache by simple stretching of the neck. Tension in the muscle causes pain that’s why it hurts real bad. Hence, stretching your head and neck gently should give a temporal soothing feeling. If you frequently get headache due to stress, it’s best that you make it a habit to stretch the head from left to right and front to back.

3. Relaxing

One of the cheap natural remedies for headache that you can count on is just to simply relax. Have a deep breathing in and out, close your eyes while enjoy the resonating sound of soft music, or play an instrument you’re familiar with. Just don’t do anything that can make you mentally stressed, or else it worsens your condition.

Do AerobicsImage Source: chron

4. Do Aerobics

Some physical exercise can help get rid of a headache fast too. Swimming in the pool or beach, riding on a bike, walking in the midst of the woods, or hiking on a hilly area would be a great idea. Keep one of these regular to prevent the frequency of getting headache or migraine.

5. Apply Head or Cold Compress

Since headache is a swollen vein, placing hot or cold compress can shrink that. This makes it among the best natural remedies for headache. The heat or coldness can break the swelling so helps in alleviating ache. That’s why showering in hot water also helps.

Drink Ginger TeaImage Source: organicandgreen

6. Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a perfect ingredient to cure headache. Peel and slice in large sizes as you toss in water and let it boil. Drink its tea while still fresh and hot to ease headache.

Use Peppermint OilImage Source: aromatherapymaster

7. Use Peppermint Oil

Another option that’s included in the list of natural remedies for headache is the application of peppermint oil on the affected area. The cooling sensation of this oil can relax the muscles that are in pain.

You have many options of how to get rid of headache fast with these natural remedies for headache. That means you know what to do the next time your head triggers pain and makes you uncomfortable.

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