The Best Home Remedy for Arthritis – I’d Never Been a Believer Like this Before


Each and every home remedy for arthritis that’s mentioned below is a suggestion that must not be solely followed. It should act as first option on how to get treated but when symptoms persist or the condition seems to worsen, make sure to ask professional help immediately.

This is not to discourage you or make you have doubts about how arthritis home remedy works. For some circumstances, natural solutions may not be enough for other people. So if that happens, then don’t hesitate to get some medical attention from a nearby hospital.

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Aches, pain, and stiffness in specific joints are the primary symptoms of arthritis. It’s a condition that is definitely uncomfortable. This can cause you some time off from doing some normal activities and routines. It can slow down your work or study. In most cases, you’d be forced to just stay home and be inactive.

That’s why finding some home remedy for arthritis is a great idea. You will learn what to do to lessen the discomfort and ultimately treat the problem, aside from taking prescribed medications.

1. Massage

The most basic and quickest arthritis home remedy to relieve symptoms is through massage. It technically increases blood circulation that helps reduce pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Massaging a particular joint that’s affected should be gentle and smooth. You have to seek for a really good physical therapist to help you out.

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2. Exercise

Resting the affected area is normally what we would do to ease the pain. That’s totally correct, especially if it’s too painful to move. But if the ache and stiffness are somewhat lessened, you should go out for some walk, do mild physical activity to increase its strength, improve muscles, and stimulate motion. This home remedy for arthritis in hands and feet helps prevent it from becoming numb.

3. Hot or Cold Compress

During therapy, applying either hot or cold pack to the affected joint reduces inflammation and pain. This also stimulates better circulation of blood that provides an instant relief. As a simple home remedy for arthritis, there must be no problem doing this. You should also considering in hot shower or warm bath for better feeling.

4. Indulge in Fatty-Acid Foods

Omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in reducing inflammation. So your diet should include food high in omega-3 fats. As vegetarians, you can find this in spinach, avocado, black currants, soy, flaxseeds, walnuts, canola oil, chia seed oil, and hempseed oil. This is another home remedy for arthritis you must keep in mind.

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5. Add Spices to Your Dishes

Many spices have properties that treat inflammation. One good example is turmeric, in which curcumin is found and this is able to reduce pain and inflammation in arthritis. You must cook foods that have spices so you can benefit this

6. Eat Celery

Celery can be considered spice also for its use in many dishes, but this vegetable is eaten raw or cooked. That means it doesn’t have to be added as spices in foods, but taking it as it is as your home remedy for arthritis in hands, feet, and everywhere.

7. Make Salads with Dandelion Leaves

In your salad, you must add some leaves of dandelion. This is another veggie that you must eat to cure the symptoms of arthritis. It has properties that repair damaged cells and tissues. It can also cleanse your liver by removing toxins out of the blood. All these can be very helpful in treating your arthritis.

8. Take in Cherries

This is not just a favorite fruit to top on desserts and alcoholic drinks. It’s also a great snack to munch on while you are suffering from the pain and discomfort of arthritis. That’s because this fruit contains a good amount of potassium and magnesium that both help reduce inflammation and pain. Thus, another amazing natural home remedy for arthritis.

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9. Get Some Rest

This isn’t a contradiction to what it’s said in point number 2 (exercise). But you should know that affected area in hands or feet due to arthritic condition should be protected. Avoid carrying objects or walking for hours, and anything that can worsen your arthritis. Don’t wait until you get very tired and sore before you find time to rest. You can only stretch a bit to prevent further stiffness if you are able to get enough rest.

10. Learn from Mistakes

There are factors, aside hereditary, that caused you to suffer from arthritis. Usually, it’s due to bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles, or overuse of certain joints. Once you have an experience of this and get fully recovered from it, this should be an eye opener and a lesson learned. Remember that prevention is still the best home remedy for arthritis.

All of these 10 solutions are natural and cheap ways on how you can make yourself feel better from the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis. With so many options available for you, don’t just settle for a single home remedy for arthritis. The more you apply the better and quicker for you to get well.

I hope these home remedies for arthritis are going to help you all. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment.