Put Some Onions In Your Socks. You Won’t Believe The Result!


Onions are basically used as food ingredient. Sometimes, it is made to create juices. It is also beneficial to put in your socks. We are going to discuss this further to know the real truth and how this greatly benefits us.

The feet’s bottom has unbelievable function to different body parts. It has direct access points (called meridians in ancient Chinese medicine) to certain internal organs that serve as pathways to stimulate nerves. Believe it or not there are about 7,000 meridians. This can result into very positive effects of your health when triggered.

Put Some Onions In Your Socks. You Won't Believe The Result!Image Source: theheartysoul

Other than acupuncture, the use of onions can stimulate those meridians or nerves. During the day, it may not be easy to place some slices of onions as you may be wearing an open shoe. It’s going to be awkward to have some while you are at work either. So the best time to do this is when you sleep at night. You just wear socks, cut a few slices of onion and place them at the bottom of each foot. Let them work overnight and sleep tight. You should feel good waking up every morning, and after some weeks, you’d feel an excellent miracle concerning your health.

What does this do to you for your health?

1. Kills Bacteria and Germs

Onion has powerful antibacterial properties. If applied on skin, it instantly and literally kill germs and bacteria.

2. Purifies Blood

The compound phosphoric acid, which makes your eyes sensitive leading to tears, is able to enter your bloodstream to cleanse or purify blood from bacteria and germs.

So if you place some at the bottom of your feet, these substances find their own way to do their job. This is a great option for people who can’t fathom to eat more slices of onion or drink a glass of onion juice.

3. Removes Toxins

Feet tend to smell and one of the favorite places of germs or bacteria. If some onion slices are placed here, it can eliminate odor and toxins.

One thing to remember is that you use freshly peeled onion. It means you have to only start peeling off onion when you are going to place them on your feet. This same applies when adding into your dishes. At some point, if onion layers are removed, it can oxidize and get infested with germ or bacteria.

In addition, use organic onions. You don’t want any chemicals from pesticides or insecticides to enter your system. It’s also easy to grow this on your own.

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