Protect Your Skin from Aging in 3 Ways


Your skin needs regular maintenance and proper care for protection from damage. If your problem is how you can make your skin look younger, fairer, and healthier, learning some anti-aging ways is needed.

There are several products that claim to help slow the process of aging. That is why many people, especially women, buy such products, because they believe that they can help them solve some skin issues. But the truth is that preventing aging depends on how you treat and take care of your skin.

As your age goes up, your skin undergoes in natural tear and wear. The same happens to the different internal parts of the body. But the most common causes why you suffer in early aging even if you are only less than 30 are due to over exposure to sun light or tanning, and lack of exfoliation. This implies that you can certainly avoid this from happening, and it is not too late to begin the best methods.


Skin undergoes a normal aging process. This happens when collagen and elastin are not enough or affected. Both of these are proteins that are helpful to keep skin firm and once the skin is stretched, the protein matrix snaps back to its original place. As you age, the skin layers weaken and eventually start to sag, because the skin loses its normal support.

Other facts that contribute to aging skin are the following.
1. Skin becomes thinner as you age up. The younger skin is replaced with a mature on, which is normally a rougher layer.
2. When skin creates drop of jowls or chicken fat under the arms, aging is in place.
3. Human skin genetic code vanishes invisibly, making you look 50 or 80.
4. The appearing of wrinkles can indicate aging.

Naturally, skin change is caused by early aging that can be prevented. In most cases, this is due to sun exposure. The light of the sun directly goes to the skin that affects the layers, and can damage it over time. This can trigger wrinkles, blemishes, and aging. Rays of the sun can also give you age spot or live spot on your face, hands, and other parts of your body. The number of wrinkles depends on how long your skin has been exposed to the sun’s rays.

Here are the following ways to protect your skin.

Apply sunblock lotionImage Source: popsugar

1. Apply sunblock lotion before you go out.

The best thing you can do is to apply sun protection in a form of lotion or cream onto your skin.
The body parts that are usually uncovered most of the time must be applied with lotion. Buy sunscreen products that have SPF 15 or greater than that. This is one effective help way to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun that can cause early agin.

Avoid sunbathingImage Source: alphamalelifestyle

2. Avoid sunbathing.

Tanning your skin can lead to damage in the long run. You need to lessen your time bathing under the sun.

Wear hat and sunglassesImage Source: zennioptical

3. Wear hat and sunglasses.

Do not go out between 10 am to 3 pm, because the sun rays are stronger during these hours. In case you do, it is essential to wear appropriate accessories. These are usually hat or cap and sunglasses.

Even wrinkles can be prevented. Some wrinkles are hereditary, and others are caused by natural aging. Aside from the sun damage, bad habits can make you look old. Avoid premature aging by doing more healthy habits and stay away from the bad ones such as smoking.

Often smoking can damage your skin, which include wrinkles. Wrinkles can appear sooner and deeper if the person has the habit of smoking. The smoke or ash traps the blood from flowing, and this can have a great impact onto your skin, especially the face. So better stop smoking before your skin starts to age and get wrinkles while you are still young.

Generally, we cannot stop the process of aging. As we go older, wrinkles and other forms of aging naturally occur. But it is not also good if you start getting that when you are still that young. The only thing that you must do is to always do healthy habits as the ones mentioned above.

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