When visiting the grocery store, you cannot help yourself but move from one shelf to another. Sometimes, it is a quick stop as you have a list of what to grab and buy. Other times, you are curious or have extra money to spare so you end up putting new stuff into the cart.


But how often do you purchase foods and drinks that are not good for your health? Are you even aware that probably most of what you are consuming contains toxins and harmful ingredients? Do you check the labels? If not, then that’s not a good habit. If you do, are you familiar with the ingredients and can distinguish which ones are good or bad for you?

For sure, you’ve read and heard preservatives and artificial flavors. What about specifics, such as MSG, high fructose syrup or sodium nitrate? Many people may be aware of those terms but not certain of the effects to the health. It is vital to know these ingredients so that the next time you read them on the labels, you know they are bad and shouldn’t be included in the grocery list.

Let’s take a look of the common ingredients used and found in many of our favorite grocery items. You’d be surprised just how many packs and boxes of foods you’re actually buying that you didn’t’ know about.