Other Than Water, Eat Apples on an Empty Stomach Every Morning


It is not uncommon to eat apples every day or any time of the day. Some people even add some slices of this fruit in their bowl of cereals or mixed fruits for breakfast. It’s definitely a great food to eat in the morning. For every 100g apple, the content of nutrients are the following: 1.2g dietary fiber, 0.2g protein, 4mg vitamin C, 13.5g carbohydrate, 4mg calcium, 110mg potassium, 0.2g fat and 86g water.

There are obviously lots of benefits to the body if you eat apples on a regular basis. It is recommended to eat at least 100g of apple a day. And most importantly, eat this early in the morning while stomach is empty. It can be a great appetizer as well as main course for breakfast.

Eat Apples on an Empty Stomach Every MorningImage Source: richinfoods

Anyone should eat 1 whole apple a day. It’s a fruit that has excellent nutrients that are needed for the body. But this is not advisable for people who have gastrointestinal disease as it just keeps the stomach painful.

The simple explanation why apples must be eaten on an empty stomach is because of its high amount of monosaccharides. This is responsible in the change of blood sugar levels.

Other than that, apples provide sugar, but just enough to provide energy necessary for the whole day. This is also the reason why it must be taken on an empty stomach early in the morning.

This fruit also contains galactose. It is responsible in eliminating toxins and harmful chemicals from the body. Overall, it can help reduce the formation of kidney stones.

Another question you may be wondering is if how many apples to eat every morning. Just 1 apple is good but if too small, you can take 2. Eating too many apples on an empty stomach may cause discomfort to the body. It can become like an overdose of certain nutrients, if that even makes sense. Remember that there’s a daily value of nutrients needed as recommended.

Eating apple can make someone feel full, which may not require you to consume another food. Some must have other nutritious foods. Whichever case you are in, add apple into your morning routine.

Also, drink a glass of warm water for easier digestion. Apples have harder flesh than other fruits so a good help is not a bad option. Besides, water has properties that eliminate toxins while provide nutrients at the same time.

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