Onion for Neck Pain? Really? How?


Red onion is a good ingredient to certain dishes. It has incredible benefits to the health. You can slice one whole to sprinkle on some stews. You can blend to make an onion juice. You can also just mash to apply onto skin in which swollen muscles are found.

Yes, you read that right! Onion is able to alleviate pain. Most of the time, it’s the neck that suffers the most, from working for too long to carrying heavy stuff. Well, not you can do something about it.

Onion for Neck Pain!Image Source: dailymail

Onion, especially the red ones, has properties to clean blood by killing germs and bacteria, which create not only muscle pain and swelling but also create damage to cells leading to sickness. Moreover, this vegetable has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe pain within minutes.

So what you need to do is to slice an onion in half. Gently apply one slice onto the neck part that hurts. Use circular strokes to massage your neck and let the juice goes deep down into your skin until it dries up. Do this every night and just wash in the morning.

Just for 1 ingredient that is commonly found in kitchen, you can easily and quickly alleviate neck pain.

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