Okra (Bhindi) Has 16 Health Benefits To Promise You


Okra is otherwise known as the lady’s finger, gumbo or bhindi. It’s a tall, flowering plant that is commonly grown in subtropical, tropical and hot temperate places in the world. This is one of the favourite veggies because of its soft, green pods with sticky, delicious flesh.

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Okra is a popular Southern ingredient that can be cooked to make pickles, grilled or fried. Undoubtedly, it’s the best ingredient to add in many vegetable dishes. For some high alkaline vegetarian diet, this can provide acid that helps reduce mucilage, especially in dried dishes.

1. Okra is a great source of fiber that helps stabilize blood sugar. It curbs the rate of sugar absorbed within the intestinal tract.

2. Fiber in okra absorbs water, which can lubricate the large intestines because of the large qualities of laxative. This results to the improvement of digestion and prevention of constipation. Great excess toxins and cholesterols that bring out several health problems are also eliminated.

This vegetable also helps improve the removal of wastes from the body. Plus, it’s wholly non-habit forming, non-toxic and no bad side effects.

3. Okra has been traditionally used as treatment for ulcers. Because of its alkaline content, it provides coating as protection in the digestive tract. This is able to keep joints more flexible.

4. Okra can normalize cholesterols other than blood sugar levels.

5. Okra helps also in the prevention of diabetes. Its high soluble fiber has powerful effect in the blood glucose by slowing the rate of sugar absorption in the intestinal tract.

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6. Okra’s pods have huge contents of Vitamin A as well as flavonoid antioxidants, including beta-carotene, lutein and xanthin. This is the green vegetable that has the greatest levels of antioxidants. Most of these antioxidant compounds are very vital for vision. Its vitamin A is great in the maintenance of healthy skin and mucus membranes.

Eating natural fruits and vegetables that are very rich in flavonoids helps in protecting against oral cavity and lung cancers. Thus, okra is considered an anti-cancer food.

7. This is also great for asthma due to the presence of vitamin C, which is anti-inflammatory and some antioxidants that reduce the growth of asthma symptoms.

8. Its mucilage bind bile acid toxins and cholesterol that are being dropped by filtering liver.

9. As an excellent vegetable, okra is great in helping people who are exhausted, weak and depressed.

10. Its fiber is supreme in feeding good bacteria (probiotics). This promotes a healthy intestinal tract.

11. Okra also has the ability to treat sore throat, inflammation and petulant bowel syndrome.

12. This green colored veggies is also used in some experimental blood plasma replacements, which have been successful so far.

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13. It is also known as a protection against expansion or growth of cancer like colorectal cancer.

14. Eating okra helps in supporting structure of the blood capillaries.

15. Okra provides protection from pimples and helps in the maintenance of beautiful and smooth skin. This is the reason why Cleopatra loved okra.

16. Regular consumption of this vegetable also helps lower the risk of cataracts.

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