No to Hepatitis C. Protect Your Liver


Hepatitis C is a serious disease that should never be ignored. It causes tremendous damage to the liver. It is important to keep liver cells protect. Once this disease has entered the body, it can result to more health problems, including liver cancer.

For people with hepatitis C, protecting liver twice or thrice more is necessary. That’s the only way you can cheat death and live normally. If not, there’s likely less chance of survival.

These are just a basic warning!

What does this disease actually do to the body?

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The virus brought by hepatitis C lives in the liver. It starts replicating itself and causing harm to the liver cells. Remember that our cells have the ability to repair damages and get rid of the virus but if liver is damaged, it can turn to negative effects. This can also lead to inflammation that may eventually cause scar. The buildup of scar tissue is one major cause of liver disease, which is cirrhosis.

The bottom line is that good liver health is very important to protect and maintain. This is the only best way to prevent hepatitis C virus from getting victorious. Of course, it also helps ward off other health problems that affect the liver.

Many various simple solutions on how to protect your liver and keep it healthy must be followed. Let’s take a look at the list of basic ways to prevent hepatitis C and other complications.

1. Observe a Healthy Diet

Consuming healthy foods and drinks is the most basic key to protect liver. Stay away from foods that can harm the liver. Your diet must consist of high iron. It also helps if you control your intake of calorie, carbohydrates and fats.

2. Exercise Regularly

Make it a habit to do some workout. Such yoga poses and workout routine can help maintain a healthy weight, which is also a requirement for a functional liver.

3. Drink More Coffee and Zero Alcohol

Surprisingly, coffee helps slow down the progression of liver disease. This is a recent study conducted by Marc Ghany, MD, MHSc, who is a physician and expert in the liver diseases branch of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. He recommends 2 to 3 cups a day is a good deal. Likewise, avoid alcohol consumption as this can quicken the development and progression of the disease.

4. Avoid Smoking

One of the primary causes of liver problems, especially cancer, is smoking. Cigarettes are full of harmful toxins and chemicals that destroy cells within minutes. You must quit smoking and find a much healthier habit.

5. Reduce the Use of Pain Killers

The intake of pain medications that contain the substance acetaminophen should be minimized. This compound can be dangerous to the liver health. What experts suggest is to take medicine with less than 2,000mg acetaminophen a day. Furthermore, consult your doctor regarding the best supplements for liver and other medications to avoid.

6. Get Checked and Vaccinated

There’s a vaccine that helps prevent certain diseases, including hepatitis. Talk to your doctor regarding this matter. It’s also helpful long-term if you have a regular checkup to see the status of your liver health and other areas.

7. Boost Immune System

High-resistant immunity is definitely necessary to ward of various diseases and infections. Help yourself strengthen your immune system by taking enough vitamin C. This is essentially the most important nutrient for immunity health.

You can absolutely prevent suffering from hepatitis C and keep maintain the good health of your liver if you follow the basics. Hopefully this serves as a reminder and warning.

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