Natural Remedies for Jaundice You Never Guessed Will Work


Jaundice is normally a result of deficiency in iron. It is more common in newborn babies but anyone can be at risk of this if they lack sufficient iron. This health problem is very easy to identify. It makes the sclera or white part of the eye yellow in color. The entire skin can be also yellowish or pale.

The solution is basically making sure you have enough iron in your system. But there are also easy natural ways to prevent or treat jaundice. Below are the most effective home remedies that can help people suffering from jaundice.

1. Drink Fresh Tomato Juice

Fresh tomato juice contains antioxidants and lycopene that can help promote liver health. The use of tomato paste is also a good option. So add either tomato juice or paste to your daily meal.

Drink Fresh Tomato JuiceImage Source: doina-touchinghearts

2. Drink Radish Leaves Juice

This juice is an excellent home remedy to heal discomfort in the abdomen. It can also help with the liver problems and loss of appetite. You must drink this for 10 days straight and see the difference. You can also mix other green leaves and a little honey in order to create a more pleasant taste.

3. Drink a Glass of Water Mixed with Turmeric

Another drink that helps get rid of jaundice is turmeric in water. Just dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of some turmeric powder in a glass of warm water. You must drink this mixture two times a day in the morning and at night.

4. Drink a Cup of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has wonderful benefits to the body. One of which is to treat jaundice. Hence, it must be taken for some days until symptoms of the condition have disappeared.

5. Include Lemon Juice in Your Meal

Lemon juice contains antioxidants that can help a person to have a healthy and fit body. It is a good natural remedy to several health problems, such as colds, cough and jaundice. You should squeeze lemon juice in your glass of water of your every meal.

6. Consume a Glass of Sugarcane and Lime Juice

Add lime in a glass of sugarcane juice. This gives a delicious flavor since sugarcane and lime contrast in taste. It is recommended to drink two regular cups daily to treat jaundice. And on regular basis, you should drink this to avoid reoccurrence.

7. Eat a Paste of Ground Almond

Take 7 to 8 pieces of almond kernels and soak them in water for overnight. Peel these the following day and grind them to have a paste. Consume this paste every day by using as sandwich filling, dip of nachos or veggie sticks, etc. You can just eat it as is, too.

Eat a Paste of Ground AlmondImage Source: daringgourmet

8. Have a Teaspoon of Papaya Leaves

Grind papaya leaves using a blender or a food processor to make a paste. To make it a little tasty, mix a tablespoon of honey. You can have this any time of the day, whether as appetizer or after every meal.

These 8 home remedies for jaundice are super effective. You can rely on treating this health condition with one of these natural solutions. Take note, each of these isn’t advisable to be taken by babies or infants. Also, consult with your physician as precaution in order to avoid having complications.

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