Natural Juice For Arthritis. A Must Read!


Arthritis affect aging people is a myth. It can happen to as young as 30 years. And it is not a mild disease to just ignore. This condition should be addressed as other serious diseases like diabetes, heart attack and cancer.

Unlike cancer and diabetes, arthritis has very obvious symptom. The pain can be constant and excruciating. You can silently scream but you know the pain is real and intense.

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Arthritis is a type of inflammation that affects one, two or more joints. It is easily diagnosed by locating where the painful and stiff areas area. It can get much worse as age progresses. Even unbearable if not treated immediately or properly.

The good news is that you can relieve pain naturally. But do not take this as a way to escape proper medicines prescribed by a doctor. It should help ease the symptom so you can go on with your daily and normal activities.

And now, let’s reveal the secret recipe that helps relieve pain caused by arthritis. Promise, this is easy to memorize and remember as well.

1 and 1/2 cups of fresh pineapple, including the core
7 carrots
1/2 lemon (unpeeled)
4 celery stalks

1. Toss all these ingredients in a blender, food processor or juicer. For easy blending, you can cut or chop the ingredients.
2. Drink after freshly blended and you should feel much better.

Optional: You can add some ice cubes if you prefer a colder drink to refresh your energy and rehydrate your body.

Take a sip twice or more per day to help you relieve pain and inflammation. Remember that this is a juice that helps ease the symptom, and not to totally treat the health condition. That means take your medicines as prescribed by your physician and regular therapies, if any.

Additional Fact:

You may be wondering how this juice works in relieving pain. The real secret is in the pineapple. This fruit has bromelain, which is a protein digesting enzyme that fights off inflammation; thus, causing less or reduced pain. This has been also suggested to kill pain in osteoarthritis.

If this natural juice is powerful to relieve pain and ease inflammation in arthritis, then any cases with the same symptoms are applied. It means you can drink this juice at anything you feel pain, whether you have arthritis or not.

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