Mix These 3 Spices and You’ll Prevent Cancer


Although been a traditional recipe in east part of India 2,000 years ago, this discovery is credited to Dr. Carolyn Anderson. She is an American doctor who recommended to make this recipe and consume it as frequently as possible.

What’s surprising about this is that it’s not expensive at all. Why, you only need 3 ingredients and they are commonly found in the kitchen!

Mix These 3 Spices and You'll Prevent CancerImage Source: beextrahealthy

Here are the ingredients to start making this recipe against cancer!
1/4 teaspoon of turmeric
1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
Some fresh pepper (preferably powder) or ginger

What you need to do are the following:
1. Mix all ingredients.
2. Use to dress your salad or other dishes. For cooked dishes, make sure that you only stir in the mixture at the end of the process or after removing from the heat.

You may also consume this mixture without other ingredients. Just pour in water for instant drink, that is if you can take the plain flavor.

The secret ingredient that makes this mixture effective in preventing cancer is turmeric. This is a known spice to really fight off many types of cancer. With the combination of pepper or ginger, the efficiency of turmeric in the system is more increased.

It’s totally safe to consume this mixture, whether you add into your meal or drink with water. That’s because there are no side effects. In fact, it can treat other ailments, such as alleviating pain and inflammation. If you research further regarding the health benefits of each ingredient used in this recipe, you’d understand more the advantages in preventing cancer.

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