Massage Your Feet Before Heading To Bed. Why? See and Be Amazed!


Who says you cannot massage your own and feel good after? Of course, you do! But let’s admit it that someone else’s hands are even much better, right?

Even doctors agree to the importance of self massage. It has many health benefits, so they actually recommend doing this whenever you can.

Massage Your Feet Before Heading To Bed. Why! See and Be Amazed!Image Source: healthexpertgroup

The following are advantages of self massaging:

1. Regulates blood circulation.

In the long run, it can reduce hypertension, stroke and blood clotting if blood flow is normal.

2. Improves metabolism and digestion.

3. Sheds subcutaneous fats.

You do not want those extra skin hanging out around your waist, back and arms, do you?

4. Enhances the secretion of the sebaceous (natural oils) and sweat glands.

5. Stimulates the increase of the oxygenation of the swelling lymph nodes and tissues.

6. Speeds up the flow of nutrients to the tissues.

Easy absorption of essential vitamins and minerals is always great.

7. Makes skin healthier, more elastic and firmer.

It is also a good way to reduce stretch marks.

8. Soothes inflammation and pain.

As commonly known, this is a very effective means to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Consuming 10 to 15 minutes before you lay down and visit dreamland is not too much to ask anyway. Just grab your favorite oil and start gently massaging certain areas of each foot, yes even without pain at that time. It doesn’t mean you only have to massage your foot, or other areas, if you feel pain.

Massaging your own feet before going to bed helps you reap each of these benefits. You must make this a habit to add improvement to your overall health.

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