Love Soda? Read These Horrendous Facts!


Unless you never drink which is good, you already know how good and refreshing the taste of soda. You also know that 99.9% ingredients are harmful. But there are more to find out about this beverage. Let’s reveal some few shocking facts of soda.

Shocking Facts For The SodaImage Source: slideshare

1. The sugar contents are much more addictive than cocaine. Upon consumption of sugar, it increases your blood glucose as well.

2. Drinking 1 soda a day raises the risk of diabetes 85%.

3. A can of soda per day for a year is equivalent to about 15 pounds that’s added to your weight. You surely don’t want to have more pounds within a year, do you?

4. Many types of bacteria are fed by sugar. This multiplies the number of harmful bacteria that can lead to serious infection or disease.

If you want to maintain a good shape and improve your health, start eliminating soda in your list of beverages. Besides, there are other delicious yet more nourishing beverages to choose from. It is really much healthier to drink water, especially mineral water, and fruit juices or smoothies. You get to have essential nutrients from these drinks than sugars, acids and artificial flavors that are present in sodas.

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