Is Soaking Your Feet in Cold Water Bad or Good?


A Russian professional doctor named Sergey Bubnovsky suggested a strange and ironic but effective therapy to boost the immune system. As a specialist for kinesitherapy, which is a therapeutic treatment of any diseases caused by active or passive muscular movements, he believes that soaking your feet in cold water provides a healthy outcome.

Is Soaking Your Feet in Cold Water Bad or GoodImage Source: lifehealthandbeauty

For most people, it may be a risk to try. It’s expected that you would just catch more coldness, especially after your feet have been tired and sore. Actually, that thought is a myth. If you soak your feet in cold water for only 10 to 15 seconds, the nerves in your feet, along with the connected nerves, react. In the long run, this strengths your immunity.

Make sure to spare only a few seconds in soaking both of your feet. Also, do not add warm water, not even a drop. After 10 or 15 seconds, dry clean your feet and wear wool socks. It is recommended to do this every night, whether you are tired or relaxed.

During winter, it may be a bit difficult to do this. But if you are used to it, especially if you start during the summer season, it should be much easier and more bearable.

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