How to Prevent Stroke – Natural Remedies to Protect Your Heart


The big question involved regarding this article is how to prevent stroke. There are several answers to this question, which means you have plenty of choices to do in keeping you protected from stroke and heart disease.

Stroke can happen at any time at a blink of an eye. It’s unpredictable which makes it even scarier and very deadly. Preventing it from happening is the best key to avoid. This primarily refers to living a healthy life. And the following solutions on how to prevent stroke naturally are about proper nutrition, regular exercise, and other healthy habits.

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It’s alarming to hear that stroke doesn’t choose its victims. This condition can happen to both men and women. Surprisingly, more women are prone to having strokes than men these days. Although men are more likely to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, the number of cases of stroke in women has greatly increased due to stress, work, and unhealthy lifestyle. It means stroke is triggered not just due to common bad vices. It still encourages everyone to really live a healthy, proper life.

Here are different ways on how to prevent stroke in men and also in women.

1. Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Start changing your diet into a more nutritious selection of foods. Obviously, fruits, vegetables, nut, seeds, and whole grains are the best foods on the planet to eat because they provide the necessary vitamins and minerals that our body needs. But due to the tasty look and presentable foods offered by restaurants and grocery store snacks, anyone can have a hard time resisting. In that case, you need to know how to say no to some foods that can jeopardize your health.

2. Add Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, Raisins and Tomato Paste to Your Diet

These particular foods are essential in reducing the risk of stroke. Each of these contains sufficient potassium that can lower the possibility of getting stroke by 20%, which is already a huge deal to consider. There are other sources of high potassium, so your diet should include those kinds of foods as one way on how to prevent stroke.

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3. Use Olive Oil

Whether you fry, sauté or mix with salad, olive oil is another specific item to consume on a regular basis. It has properties that help lower heart attack or stroke. Many fried foods are causes of stroke, but with the use of olive oil this can be decreased.

4. Reduce Salt Intake

Blood pressure must be controlled in order to prevent stroke, heart attack and other related problems. One way to do that is to reduce your usage of salt. The most recommended intake must be only 1,500 milligrams per day, which is equivalent to 1/2 teaspoon only.

5. Avoid High Cholesterol Foods

If your diet frequently relies on cheese burgers, French fries, ice cream, and junk foods, your cholesterol levels are probably high. It’s very important to lower your cholesterols too in order to regulate blood pressure. That’s a very basic solution on how to prevent stroke naturally.

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6. Take a Walk a Day

To have a healthy lifestyle, make it a habit to spend 20 to 30 minutes a day just walking. This should be a suggestion that’s not difficult to do. If you can jog or ride on a bicycle, that’s even better. Any basic exercise is advisable to do because they all keep heart free from diseases. These options won’t only help regulate blood pressure and protect your heart, but also burn fats.

7. Have Enough Sleep

Make sure that you sleep at least 8 hours a day. Taking sufficient rest can also play a major role in protecting your heart. Thus, keep this in mind as one basic way regarding how to prevent stroke.

8. Lose Weight

People who are obese are more susceptible to suffer from stroke and heart disease. If you think you are overweight, start losing pounds.

9. Stop Smoking

If you are a regular smoker, it’s best to quit it before it’s too late. Smoking provides you additional toxins that are dangerous to your heart, as well as to liver, colon, and kidneys. Instead of smoking, just chew gum or bite a pencil until you can completely say no to cigarette.

10. Drink Moderately

If possible, quit drinking alcohol, beer, and other unhealthy beverages too. It’s alright to still consume but do not make it frequent. What experts suggest is to just have 1 drink a day. Or you can just switch to red wine since this has compounds that are good to the heart. If you are able to do either of these then it’s another basic way on how to prevent stroke naturally.

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11. Practice Anger Management

People who easily get angry and upset are also prone to stroke. You need to learn to control yourself in different situations to lower your risk of heart problems. Before you even say something or react, take a deep breath or go to a room just by yourself to avoid any unwanted disagreements.

12. Vent Out

Sad, depression, and anxiety are becoming common causes of stroke. There is a need to express your feelings because keeping it yourself makes it an internal absorption of problem that affects the heart.

All these tips and suggestions are strongly recommended to follow concerning how to prevent stroke. These are typical habits that should be easy to do. Also, there’s no need to spend a lot of money just to do any of these solutions.

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