How to Make Lemongrass Tea – I’m More Excited than Ever


The only reason why you’re here is because you have a very strong interest in learning how to make lemongrass tea. I can definitely tell that you have a great choice!

Some people may say, “oh it’s just a tea”, when they hear about it. They may have little attention to it when offered to them. If you haven’t tasted a single cup or heard its benefits, then this you are still encouraged to keep reading and take this information seriously.

If you are into a bit spice but subtle flavor, this is the best tea to drink. You can order one from a local shop but it’s better to do it yourself. You must know how to create your own lemongrass tea.

It doesn’t require a lot to make this kind of tea. It’s not also difficult to access ingredients, especially lemongrass. In fact, you can grow your own lemongrass. This is very easy to grow and take care of. Just plant in an average container or pot and set aside at your porch. As long as the weather is sunny and humid, there’s no problem growing this, and you’d have plenty of sources to make lemongrass tea.

Why this tea is a great choice is because of its benefits. It is believed to aid in preventing cancers, treating heart disease, curing diabetes, fighting off insomnia, and improving digestion. Those are the general advantages that you may get from frequent drinking of this healthy beverage.

How to Make Lemongrass TeaImage Source: rosecole

In addition, this tea helps in losing weight, or maintain the average shape you have. It’s also a good drink for detox or fasting.

Okay, no more additional info since the important notes are already given. So let’s go straight to the lemongrass tea recipe. Promise, this is very easy to prepare.

Servings: 1 500ml glass


600ml water
3 lemongrass bulbs
ginger root


1. Pick or buy lemongrass leaves. Make sure to cut from the white portion.

2. Dry leaves, unless you get dried ones from a local store. Place each bulb or leaf on a rack or tray and find a nice spot where you will sun dry. You may just want to use the oven to dry lemongrass.

3. Store in a resealable plastic bag or Ziploc after drying if you have some spare.

4. Wash leaves. You should thoroughly clean each leaf. Just rinse with tap water to remove pollutants.

5. Cut leaves. The best length is 1 to 2 inches.

6. Pour water in a pot.

7. Toss the chopped lemongrass leaves. Let it boil.

8. Add honey or sugar. This is if you don’t want it bland and make it a bit sweeter instead.

9. Mix properly.

10. Pour into your cup and enjoy drinking!

Do you agree now that how to make lemongrass tea is as easy as preparing a cup of coffee? If yes, then there’s no problem making one cup every day. Maybe you want to drink more than just one cup. The more you drink the more benefits you get. With this lemongrass tea recipe, you should be more encouraged to make and drink. Cheers to a healthier life!

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