How To Combat A Heart Attack If No Help Around You


At times, there are people who suffer from heart attack. It’s a worst case scenario if they do not have any company or no quick help to turn to. If this happens, a person’s heart starts beating improperly and he has only 10 seconds before he loses consciousness.

Heart AttackImage Source: sjmagazine

With such terrible and unfortunate heart attack, this can be prevented even if you are alone. You can definitely help yourself by means of coughing. That’s right! All you need to do is to cough.

C – O – U – G – H

Whenever you feel like you are having chest or heart pain that is uncontrollable, just cough repeatedly and very rigorously. But you must remember to have a deep breath before you cough. Also, how you cough should be deep and long, just like you are about to produce sputum deep inside your chest.

Breathing and coughing must be done repeatedly every 2 seconds. Do not just hold onto your heart and pray unceasingly until you get the miracle you need. If you are alone and phone’s too far away from where you are, then you should just do these 2 steps, and you will have your heart back to normal beating again.

CoughImage Source: beforeitsnews

Why deep breathing is important? Taking a deep breath releases oxygen that is filled in the lungs, while coughing squeezes heart. Thus, keeping your blood to normally circulate again. This “squeezing” allows the heart to regain its normal pace and you will be just fine. It also gives you enough time to call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

Now, don’t just keep this information to yourself. Let your family members, relatives, friends and coworkers as well. Who knows, you can indirectly save their lives in the future as well.

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