How Can You Control Hair Fall


Hair fall, also called as hair loss, is a common issue to many people, especially women. Ages 15 to 50 can be affected by this problem. It normally happens during showering, and after when brushing the hair while wet.

In a scientific case, hair fall is one of the most common attribute that indicate aging. This condition can be embarrassing and annoying. But today, there is no longer reason to worry about hair fall, because there are several ways to prevent this problem. But before knowing how to prevent hair fall, you need to know the causes first. Here are common causes.

How Can You Control Hair Fall

1. Lack of Right Amount of Nutrition

One of the fastest causes of hair fall is the lack of nutrition in the scalp. It usually needs some vitamins and minerals, which include protein and keratin.

2. Hormonal Changes

Change in hormones is actually normal for every individual, especially those who reach the age of 30 and up. But this can also cause you to have hair fall.

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3. Stress

Stress can also make you lose strands of hair. There is an activity in the body that when you are stressed, the roots of the hair are affected.

4. Aging

This is a normal cause of hair fall. It’s basically self-explanatory. It is a reality that people need to go through, especially men.

5. Others

Long period of illness, hereditary, and split ends are other causes of hair fall. Sometimes, it is also due to foods and drinks, or vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

To ease the problem, you need to consider several things that you must include to your daily habits. These are the following habits you must do to avoid hair fall.

1. Be Gentle in Brushing Hair

After showering, you must be gentle to brush your hair. Hair gets easily break when it is wet.

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2. Do not Rub or Wrap Hair with Towel

Rubbing your hair hardly with towel may cause tangles. It is not also advisable to wrap your head with towel. This can cause heaviness n the hair, which makes it more prone to fall.

3. Massage Scalp

Always massage your scalp, mostly when you shower. This way you help your hair and scalp more relaxed. It stimulates the flow of nutrients in your head, which result to healthy hair growth.

4. Reduce Tying Hair

Do not tie your hair as much as possible. It can contribute to hair fall in the long run, especially if the tie is very tight. A very tight tie will give heavy pressure to your hair causing breakage and hair fall.

5. Avoid Hair Styling Products

Hairstyling is good, and sometimes necessary during special occasions. But be aware that too much hair styling and using of such products can cause damage to the hair. There is nothing wrong if you perm it or add some spray. It just becomes not good if you do those things to your hair a lot of times. It may give you frizzy hair, bristle hair, or worse, hair fall.

6. Shower with Warm and not Hot Water

Washing your hair with hot water is not good. This will only break the natural moisture that is present in and around your scalp. It can result to frizzy or dry hair. To promote more moisture, better shower or rinse with warm or a bit cold water.

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Most salons use hot water for washing the hair of their clients. You can ask to minimize the temperature of their water if you think it’s hot than a normal warm temperature. Even when it is

Giving your hair some good treatment is recommended. You must take proper care your hair at all times. You need to change your bad hair habits if you have one or some. The hair is the crowning glory of every individual and can add beauty to your appearance. So it is a must to treat your hair properly. From the tips discussed and suggested above, you must already know the dos and don’ts of treating or taking care of hair. Those are the things essential to prevent having hair fall, and other hair issues.

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