Home Remedies for Snoring – You Don’t Have to Annoy Someone Anymore


The following home remedies for snoring are essential who make that silly sound while asleep. And these are certainly stuff that some people can appreciate, especially if they are your partner who gets to hear that noise every night.

Normally, snoring is not a disease, but sometimes it can be a symptom of an ailment, which is advisable to check. In children, it can be a sign of sleep apnea. Adults are the ones who usually snore at night. It’s due to stress, marital problems, overweight, and also sleep apnea. Regardless, learning the tricks to stop snoring below is important to do. Yes, this can be easily treated and stopped for good.

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1. Change Your Sleep Position

Snoring has something to do with the sleeping position. If you lie on your back, the base of tongue and soft palate crumple to the throat’s back wall. That triggers the sound. So it’s best that you lie on your side, which must not be difficult to do. It only takes a habit. This makes it a good one of the home remedies for snoring.

2. Elevate the Top Part of Your Bed or Pillows

Make an adjustment to the head of your bed to keep your tongue from collapsing down your throat. It’s also helpful in opening more airways for better breathing. So add something on the top of your bed like a much smaller foam, folded bedsheets or more pillows, or simply just add another pile of pillow to elevate your head. That’s how to stop snoring that you should also consider.

3. Change Pillows from Time to Time

Believe it or not, allergens and pollutants can contribute to frequent and loud snoring. It must be part of your habit to replace pillows or the covers and on a regular basis, preferably every week. This is how you can prevent dust mites, hair, and other allergens.

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4. Sleep Properly

This means you should have enough hours of sleep. The recommended time to sleep every night should be 8 hours but not more than 10 hours. Proper sleep also refers to hygiene, which means you should be all relaxed and not overtired when you go to bed. Consider this among the basic home remedies for snoring.

5. Have a Hot Shower

Nasal passages should be cleared also, which is one way on how to stop snoring. This helps air to flow more efficiently and slower that can contribute in avoid snores to happen. You can do a few things to clear your nasal passages. One is to use a nasal spray or neti pot to unclog your nose. The other option is to take a hot or warm shower, which is very much recommended as it aids in better sleeping.

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6. Remain Hydrated

Drinking lots of liquids, most especially water, is also helpful. It’s not among the wow-this-really-works kind of tricks to stop snoring, but obviously a healthy habit that you should be already doing since you heard this the first time. What this does is that it removes secretions, mucous and other substances that should be cleared out of the body.

7. Lose Weight

Losing some pounds just to have average, healthy weight is strongly recommended. Overweight can cause a person to snore more than normal. That’s why you have to be careful on what you consume and how much you put into your body. This also means you take some time working out to burn excess fat.

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8. Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes

Keeping your body healthy is also considered among home remedies for snoring. This implies you stay away from cigar smoking and alcohol drinking. If you do one or both of these, make sure that you won’t do them at night right before you go to sleep. The chemicals present in these elements can contribute to snoring, so to avoid that simply just don’t do them before heading to your bed.

After following these home remedies for snoring, you should be already sleeping more quietly and less annoying to your partner or whoever hears you on a normal occasion. All of these work not just in adults but also to children who may be suffering from sleep apnea or overweight. Now that you know how to stop snoring there should be no more problem in regards to this noise.

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