Home Remedies for Prostate


The common problem of most men is enlarged prostate. Once this happens, it can be very prone to cancer. This walnut-shaped part of a male’s body is actually a gland that has important functions. One of them is to add fluid called semen to sperm.

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As a man ages, prostate becomes enlarged that usually indicates a disease. It is easy to diagnose through symptoms, such as the following:
– difficulty urinating
– frequent urination
– inability or struggle to empty the bladder
– slow pour of urine while you feel the need to urinate
– burning sensation during urination
– painful ejaculation
– pain behind the scrotum

This is a health problem that is not easy to deal with obviously. So every male who suffers from most of the signs mentioned above should not ignore this condition. Plus, if left untreated, it can cause a more serious complication not only to that part but also kidneys and bladder.

Keep in mind that going to a doctor is the smartest thing to do. You will be treated with proper procedures and provided essential medicines. As you try to get better, some home remedies make it even much easier for you. Here are some natural solutions you should add to avoid making this condition worse.

1. Saw Palmetto

This herb is taken from a bush that’s similar to a palm tree. It’s been traditionally used as medicine from relieving symptoms of urinary problems to treating enlarged prostate. You can get natural supplements extracted from this herb.

2. Rye Grass Pollen Extract

This next home remedy for prostate is made from three types of grass pollen, which are rye, corn and timothy. You must get a supplement of this to help you urinate more normally and easily.

3. Stinging Nettle

Touching this herb can give you a very painful effect. However, as far as prostate treatment is concerned, stinging nettle helps reduce symptoms. But be aware of the skin rash and upset stomach it may bring.

4. Pumpkin and Watermelon Seeds

To make urination normal and without difficulty, drink a liquid mixture of pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds. Just grind all seeds, place in a pot of water and bring to boil. After cooling for a few minutes, drink it like a tea. This should be an easy natural remedy for enlarged prostate.

Pumpkin and Watermelon SeedsImage Source: pickmeyard

In fact, you can make a separate pumpkin seed tea and watermelon seed tea. But you may find that a more tedious job so why not just mix if you even get a much better effect right?

Remember to maintain good health and hygiene to keep your prostate free from problems. There may be a need to change your diet. It must consist of vegetables and fruits that are high in vitamin C, fatty acids and zinc. Drink as much water as you can every day too. Once or twice a year, go to the doctor for prostate exam as early diagnosis has a greater chance of survival.

I hope these home remedies for prostate are going to help you all. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment.