Home Remedies for Body Odour that Will Amaze You and Make You Smell Fresh


We are going to learn some home remedies for body odour that won’t make you say, “no, never, that won’t work at all”. Yes, you will surely find the information below as an incredibly interesting and helpful.

Body odor happens to anybody, but mostly common in adult men and women. The pungent smell normally comes from the armpit during excessive sweating. It’s not only applying deodorant that can help solve this problem although this has been a very common armpit sweating treatment‎. There are actually several alternatives on how you can prevent body odor.

Home Remedies for Body Odour

Sweating doesn’t make you smell bad. It’s the sweating with bacteria that produces bad odor. Bacteria don’t just come out from the inner layers of the skin. It’s probably the skin that has germs and bacteria. They only like to reside in areas that sweat the most. So getting rid of these bacteria is basically the solution to this particular problem.

The use of deodorant works in removing the annoying smell. However, it’s best to look for something much cheaper, eco-friendlier and absolutely chemical free. The list below contains home remedies for body odour that you should keep in mind.

1. Take a Shower Daily

Everyone knows that showering or bathing is very beneficial and a must. Some shower once, while others bathe for at least three times. The most recommended is to shower at least once a day. But if you are out the whole day and been doing several activities, you should also take time to bathe after before dinner or bedtime.

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2. Soap Properly

One of the home remedies for sweaty armpits body odor is to thoroughly wash your armpit, along with the groins and other areas that sweat the most. Use an anti-bacterial soap to ensure bacteria and germs are wiped out.

3. Scrub

Make it a habit to scrub at least one to two times a week. Exfoliating your skin helps get rid of pollutants and toxins that soap may not remove. This further cleanse your skin making it more nourished and healthy.

4. Wear Clean Clothes

Once you sweat, remove your clothes and change into a much cleaner one. When sweating this is transferred to the fabric and get soaked making it dirty, which also creates odor. Other than that, there will be bacteria feed so it can easily transferred back to your skin. Before you wear a cleaner shirt, make sure to wipe sweat off your skin, or best shower first.

5. Remove Unwanted Hair

Men usually do not mind having hair in their armpit. But this makes it even a suitable place for bacteria to live in. So maybe trimming into shorter inches should not be a bad idea. For women, make it a habit to always pluck or shave those armpit and groin hair.

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6. Soak and Scrub Feet

This article doesn’t only focus on armpit sweating treatment‎. That’s because body odor may also refer to foot odor. So to avoid having that, regularly soak your feet in warm water mixed with salt or apple cider vinegar. Feet are also favorite locations for bacterial infestation.

7. Clean Shoes

Sweats from the feet are more common to happen when wearing closed shoes for hours. You need to clean your shoes every after use so the next time you wear it will be odor free.

8. Avoid Spicy Foods

Spices, hot seasonings, and other foods that are spicy can cause body odor. If you have an obvious problem with body odor, you should reduce your servings of spicy ingredients, especially garlic and onion, for the meantime. Remember that prevention is one of the most basic home remedies for body odour.

9. Stop Smoking

Habitual smoking can lead to body odor in the long run. If you are a smoker, learn the hard way to lessen your smoking or better yet quit for good. It may be difficult at first but trying to do so is the first step.

10. De-Stress

Too much stress, pressure, anxiety, and anger can also be factors of body odor. Even when you are nervous you sweat abnormally. You must know how to control yourself and feelings to avoid stimulating sweats.

11. Drink More Water

Water flushes out toxins, which include bacteria of course. If bad bacteria are lessened, the better chance for you to sweat without any foul smell. So keep in mind that water drinking, at least 8 glasses a day, is among the home remedies for sweaty armpits body odor.

12. Eat More Healthier Foods

Other than spicy foods, meat, processed, and fatty foods should be avoided. The healthier foods you consume the better way to keep your body clean from inside and out. If you absorb more nutrients, harmful toxins are less likely to occur.

13. Lessen Caffeinated Drinks

Beverages with caffeine can contribute in body odor, not to mention bad breath. If you cannot stop it for good, you should at least try to minimize drinking coffee, soda, and alcohol.

14. Make Witch Hazel as a Homemade Deodorant

You can also make your own deodorant as home remedies for body odour. Witch hazel contains properties that help kill bacteria and maintain the normal pH levels of your armpit. Simply pour witch hazel in a cotton ball and dab on your armpit, as well as other areas. You should do this after showering before you wear any breathable and comfortable clothes.

15. Use Vinegar

Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, is a very effective natural solution to combat bacteria. It may be disgusting to apply to the skin but works well in treating your body odor. As an armpit sweating treatment‎, pour vinegar in a cotton ball and dab onto your skin for 15 minutes before rinsing. The best time to do this is right before you take a shower.

16. Apply Lemon Juice

There are also anti-bacterial in lemon that you can use to treat body odor. This has a better smell than vinegar and you may find this a more excellent choice. Besides, it can also help remove blemishes and scars, which results to a more beautiful and moisturized skin.

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17. Put On Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be also applied to skin because this is among the natural home remedies for body odour. It’s definitely good for the skin because of the many benefits it can give. But as far as body odor is concerned, this becomes helpful too.

18. Formulate Your Own Deodorant

You have more options to use if you prefer homemade deodorant. These are a mixture of certain natural liquids and other organic ingredients.

Option 1: Essential Oils

Mix the following: coriander oil, lavender oil, sage oil, and witch hazel. Pour into a spray bottle, shake, and use it as instant deodorant by spraying right to your armpit.

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Option 2: Herbal Powder

Mix the following in a heated pan under low heat: lovage root powder, sandalwood powder, and white oak bark powder. If you use root and bark, grind them first to become fine powder. Let it cool before transferring the mixture into the muslin draw string bar or any cloth bag. Apply to armpit, feet, and other areas for 5 to 10 minutes.

From proper hygiene care to herbal use, you have a lot of home remedies for body odour to choose from. This doesn’t only help you deal with body odor but also provides you a better way to spend less money. For sure you have at least one armpit sweating treatment‎ you find that is personally suitable to you. The only thing left for you to do is simply follow these suggestions and make it a part of your regular beauty and skin care regimen.

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