Home Remedies for Blocked Nose – Yes, Stop that Stuffy or Clogged Nose


We’re going to concentrate on different home remedies for blocked nose that are basically cheap and easy to do. Yes, there are absolutely zero chances for you to say no to these suggestions when they are simple to follow.

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It’s not bearable to deal with runny nose. That clogging that wants to drip down your nose, I know it’s nasty, and makes you feel really uncomfortable. It’s even difficult to breathe at some point. You should never want another day having that kind of circumstance. Hence, find what’s the best natural remedy for blocked nose that you prefer through the list below.

1. Drink Liquids and Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of liquids is recommended, which is a basic thing to do whenever you have flu and cold. It helps remove mucous out from your nose and throat. It’s considered among the most natural home remedies for blocked nose. Other than water, some juices and tea also help get rid of that. But make sure to use warm or hot liquids whether it’s water or any other kind of healthy beverages.

2. Apply Hot or Cold Compress

Either hot or cold can help remove clogging. You can use ice cubes covered in a cloth or a hot compress pack that you can place on your nose and bridge to relieve from congestion of your sinuses. This solution doesn’t really help treat it completely but helps provide you an instant relief and feel much better.

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3. Eat Vitamin-C Rich Fruits

Vitamin C is the much needed nutrient if you are suffering from cold and runny nose. That’s why eating lots of fruits that are rich in vitamin C or ascorbic acid is highly recommended. Drinking lemon juice, pineapple juice, or orange juice is another option that is considered among basic home remedies for blocked nose at night.

4. Consider Raw Garlic

Garlic is a great source of antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a great remedy against cold, flu, and sinusitis. You should prepare dishes that can contain garlic to absorb the essential nutrients of this ingredient. But it’s even much better if you eat raw slices or cloves of garlic. Just pretend it’s candy to enjoy a little bit more. Take note that this is one of the most effective home remedies for blocked nose.

5. Use a Vaporizer

Boiling water and adding peppermint oil or any other essential oil is another solution to stop clogging in nose. Breathing in steam helps get rid of mucous from your nose and kill bacteria or fungi that are present in the sinuses. You should do this a few times a day until you have completely recovered. Make sure you cover your head to absorb more heat.

6. Turn on the Humidifier

Humidifier can be also regarded among home remedies for blocked nose at night most especially, but also during the day time. It’s the heat and moisture that help unclogged congested sinuses and runny nose. When you turn this device on, more moisture is added into the air making you breathe and feel much better.

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7. Rinse Nose Using a Neti Pot

A neti pot has been traditionally used for blocked nose, although modern nasal spray has replaced it for a more convenient use. The problem with nasal spray is that the content is chemically formulated. So it’s still better to use a neti pot that allows you to mix your own formula through natural ingredients. In fact, lemon water or salty water alone can work. After putting the mixture into this pot, you pour the content into your nostrils.

8. Add Spicy Food to Your Meal

There’s anti-inflammatory agents found in spices and herbs. Other than garlic, you should eat more foods that contain turmeric, bell pepper, onion, basil leaf, cayenne, celery, chives, cilantro or other common spices.

9. Get Plenty of Rest

Do not forget how important rest is in your healing process. It should be an opportunity for you to relax and just avoid doing too much so you won’t worsen your condition. Resting doesn’t just refer to sleeping at night and getting at least 8 hours of sleep. It’s also about taking a nap or de-stressing. This is another very basic but essential natural remedy for blocked nose.

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These recommended tips are effective in making you feel better whenever you suffer from clogged nose due to cold and flu or sinusitis. As you rely on each of these home remedies for blocked nose, make sure that you also aware of the medical attention you may need. It means you should know when’s the best time to call and see your doctor. If you have tried on these remedies for two weeks and yet still nose is clogged, better go see a physician to give you additional medicines for faster healing.

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