Grow A Lemon Tree At Your Own Backyard! Easy Tips Here!


Citrus fruits are full of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. But these are also rich in sugar, so it is important to have a balance diet in eating this kind of fruit. The good news is that two of citrus fruits can be easily grown in the back yard. One of them is lemon, which you can easily grow.

Growing lemons at your own yard can make a difference in the quality and freshness. Thus, keeps you free from chemical substances that go with the non-organic farming. Here are some tips you must be aware of.

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It is best to buy a baby lemon tree to have the greatest results with regards to the production of its fruits.

• Get a plastic or clay pot with lots of holes at the bottom. It must be sure that this is bigger than the root ball of the baby tree, since it grows. Also, it must be about 12 to 15 inches deeper, and 17 to 20 inches diameter.
• Place the baby tree in the pot and fill its drainage container with some stones in order to improve air flow.
• Fill the pot with some soil. Choose the right soil for lemon tree. Remember that there are certain soils that are prepared especially for citrus fruits growing to produce much better fruits.

This is the basic preparation that you need to make when planting a lemon tree at your own yard. Be sure that there is sunlight exposure for 8 to 10 hours every day . Water regularly or twice a day but do not let water overrun it.

You may also grow one from seeds. In order to grow your lemon tree , the following are your needs:
• organic lemon (do not choose non-organic lemons as they often contain non-germinating seeds)
• fertile potting soil that contains vermiculite, peat, natural fertilizers and perlite
• small planting pot – 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep
• large seeding pot 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep
• indoor, sunny growing area and a grow lamp

Just follow steps to grow your lemon tree through seeds:

1. Put some water to moisten your potting soil to make it damp but not totally soaked all throughout.

2. Put soil in the smaller pot until it reaches one inch below its rim.

3. Cut lemon in half and remove the seeds. All pulp must be removed from the surface. The best way to do it is to squeeze the lemon in a glass or jar for later use (do not waste the juice) and you can get all seeds.

4. Be sure that each seed is still moist when planted in the soil. Plant all seeds about 1/2 inch deep in the pot’s middle. Remember you must not delay in planting – the fresher the seeds the better to product fruits.

5. Gently spray some water around the soil above the seed.

6. Cover the pot using clear plastic wrap. Seal its edges using rubber band and poke some small holes at the top using a pencil.

7. Place the pot in warm and sunny area. It can be also located indoor but with some sun exposure.

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What to Remember?

Spray some more water often after successfully planted the seeds. Do not let the soil becomes dry. But do not let water to puddle. Just let moist around the soil.

In about 2 weeks, you’ll see a sprout begins to emerge. If it does, take off the plastic covering. If you need to have some more light for the lemon plant, you may use a grow light as an addition.

You have to take care of your young plant in making the soil damp. Be sure that this gets 8 full hours of light daily. Add some doses of organic fertilizer too.

Young plants will need as much water as needed. Do not allow your poor plant to starve after all the effort in growing them!

Watch the plant to ensure that this is not infested by some bugs and diseases. Remove brown and dead leaves as necessary. Be sure to use some pesticides when needed. Just protect your own new lemon tree!

If your plant outgrows the small pot, replace it with a bigger one. You must follow the same method as mentioned above (baby lemon tree) when replanting it.

Lemons will need 6 to 9 months in order to have ripe fruits. Once the fruits are in full color and are already soft to the touch, it means it’s all set for picking and that’s the fun part!


Other than lemons, mandarins are easy to grow if you want to have some as well. This can be grown indoors too as it will not grow more than 6 feet in height. Also, choose a baby tree because it’s much better to grow rather than with seeds.

Prepare pots (see above, like how lemon trees are prepared) with rocks space and drainage holes at the bottom.

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What to Remember?

Allow oranges to get as much sunlight as possible.

Water the tree regularly but in controllable way.

Change the pots with a bigger one if the roots become larger and poke out more drainage holes.

You have to pick up the oranges as they turn orange because the flavor dies away every moment. Be very careful when twisting the orange off the tree. The small button at its top of the orange fruit should stay in the tree.

Hope that you can use these two ways to get great and delicious citrus fruits from lemons and mandarins.

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