Green Tea for Flat Belly


Do you know that obesity is a common problem in the whole world? It is considered a deadly and harmful factor affecting the health. This is now the most serious problem as it comes along with more health issues, such as high blood pressure, heart failures, respiratory tract infections and diabetes.

From heredity to hormone disturbance, anyone can be obese. You get to see overweight in kids and adults. Regardless of the age and gender, this problem is mainly due to unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. It can bring life threatening situations for sure.

Green Tea for Flat BellyImage Source: cosmopolitan

So, what’s the solution to avoid obesity or reduce some weight?

The best and most natural remedy for weight loss is green tea. Drinking green tea every day helps burn fats and calories. This is how pounds can be reduced. But this is more effective if balance diet and regular exercises are observed.

The recommended formula is 3 cups of green tea ever day. How long to take this depends on how much weight to shed. Basically, it must be added into the diet. If constantly followed, you’ll be surprised at the result in just short several days.

This is totally alright for kids as well. It may be a challenge to convince them to drink, especially for 3 cups.

For many years, green tea has been used as a weight loss drink. You will see the effects even without using weight loss pills or extreme diet regimen. It’s definitely safe as green tea doesn’t have side effects but more health advantages, like the absorption of antioxidants. In addition, herbs to make green tea aren’t that expensive. You can even grow your own herbs. Anyhow, it is a very effective means to lose some weight in kids, teens and adults.

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