Got Bad Breath? Take Some Cinnamon and Lemon


Is bad breath still a personal problem? Don’t worry, here’s a natural and inexpensive solution for you!

It’s pretty normal to have bad breath after eating some foods, drinking coffee, smoking or waking up. Sometimes, brushing alone doesn’t get rid of that unpleasant odor. People tend to use mouthwash and rinse after brushing, while others just eat a peppermint candy. It’s not a serious condition to deal with in the first place, but this can be embarrassing. Socially wise, it can be really bad.

Got Bad Breath! Take Some Cinnamon and LemonImage Source: yourhealth

No need to always bring a handful of candies or a bottle of Listerine. Just make a mixture of these 3 incredible ingredients and you’re good to go for long hours.

The following ingredients are what you need:
2 lemons
1/2 teaspoon of powder cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon of honey

Here’s how to make this recipe:
1. Place cinnamon and honey in a bowl.
2. Fill the bowl with a cup of hot water.
3. Stir thoroughly.
4. Squeeze lemon juice into the mixture.
5. Mix again.
6. Spoon some amount into your mouth and rinse. Swallow afterwards. Repeat rinsing if necessary.

This recipe is usable for a few days or more depending on how much you use it. So the remaining mixture should be placed in a container with lid for secured seal and just store in your refrigerator.

You may be wondering why this natural mouthwash must be swallowed. Obviously, the ingredients are safe to consume internally. And the real catch is in the health benefits. All ingredients have anti-bacterial properties that get rid (kill) of bacteria, which are the culprit of bad breath. It can also prevent or treat cold virus, sore throat and mouth ulcers. Plus, immunity system is improved due to its vitamin C, and the flavor is very tasty.

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