Going to Nail Spa is Very Dangerous. Why? Read This!


Have you ever heard someone died from going to a nail salon? If you dig deeper into this and make your own research, you’ll be surprised just how many cases of deaths due to a nail spa visit are out there in the news. Let alone, knowing this can possibly happen is very shocking!

Reading this information should not scare you but rather give you a firsthand detail regarding the health risks involved when going to a nail spa. This must help you protect yourself even and make a decision whether to go have your own manicure and pedicure or find a much safer option.

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Here are the risks you must know.

1. Injury

It is not common to get injury during manicure and pedicure. People working at a nail salon do mistake. Some tools to remove cuticles are sharp and can cause injury. While the injury causes a bearable pain, the openness of the sore provides a pathway for germs and bacteria to reside in. If not treated immediately, it can definitely lead to a bigger problem. Experts even warn that injury is very susceptible to infection so it’s critical to quickly resolve this.

2. Infections

One woman in California was believed to have died from an infection due to some bacteria picked up during her process of pedicure. While this may not have proven, the possibility cannot be denied either.

Despite the injury from cutting and clipping, you think it’s totally alright to continue your session. But what most customers don’t know is how sterile and safe those tools are actually. You have no idea if the previous customer may have some bacteria and can be transferred into your skin and worse go deep into the injury. That’s one potential on how toenail infection starts.

Remember that people working at salons may not have the time to clean their tools that have been previously used from other customers. Not to mention, they may not completely sanitize all of their tools. It’s definitely a risk you are taking every time you go to a nail spa.

Women, or even men, with diabetes are at a greater risk of getting infection. You must think hard whether a nail salon visit is a good idea or not.

3. Nail Fungus

Another “yikes”, disgusting scenario that most salon customers don’t know about is the presence of nail fungus. There are treatments that require feet to be soaked in warm water. Again, how sure are you that the container has been cleaned or completely washed before they let you use it?

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Soaking feet is one way to get rid of germs and bacteria. These culprits can be left at the container and the next customer may pick it up. Much worse if you have wound or injury.

Just do this at home. Besides, you only need water in a container, foot scrubs and brush.

4. Messy Area

There’s just so much clutter in a nail spa salon. Bacteria, fungi, etc. are everywhere. The piles of unsterilized tools and trays are there too. The smell of nail polish and other cleaners may also cause nose sensitivity that may cause dizziness to some people. It’s basically an all-day busy place wherein keeping it tidy and clean is not always meet.

So the next time you are thinking or planning of going to a nail spa, keep these health risks that are revealed. The safest and healthiest option is to have your own complete nail kit and start learning to do it on your own. You may also call for a personal home service but rather have your own tools used as well. This way you can be sure all stuff used are sterilized and thoroughly cleaned. Then you don’t have to worry about any of those health disadvantages.

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