For 2 Months, This Juice Can Save Your Life


It’s tomato juice! Did you even guess it correctly? Have you tasted some tomato juice?

Drinking tomato juice is good as you get some healthy benefits in doing so.

Tomato juiceImage Source: popsugar

The Research

A study has been made by experts from Taiwan regarding the benefits of drinking tomato juice. It is generally effective to drink it against bad organisms from the human body.

The Test

Some women of various age group, origin and different weights have been advised to drink a glass of tomato juice daily at a research study. After some time these women have experienced weight loss even though they did not have changed their diet. They completely ate almost anything they wanted, only difference is to add a glass of this juice a day.

The Result

Women who participated in this study boasted of an average of 1.6 cm to 2 cm loss on their waist. They got an increased level of lycopene, the antioxidant which can affect their own health, and low level in their cholesterol. It is about the loss of fat than fluids from the body.

Benefits of Tomato

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, and this is a necessary antioxidant that is needed for the body to keep it fit and healthy. Hence, it is highly recommended to drink tomato juice as daily as possible. Other than that, it contains only 80 calories in 0.35 liter. It is also very high in vitamin A, B and C, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Therefore we can say that tomato juice can prevent the growth of cancer cells and heart diseases.

It is recommended that you drink tomato juice that you have prepared and not buy them in groceries and other stores for these have high contents of sugar and preservatives. Tomato juice can lower high blood pressure, helps regulate bile, pancreas and liver functions and can promote the red blood cells production and can prevent thrombosis.

You must prepare your own version of tomato juice out of fresh tomato. You can blend fresh slices (in halves) of tomatoes or boil tomato pieces and water. Either way, making some tomato juice is easy and quick. No need to add other ingredients to not spoil its richness of nutrients. If in case the taste is a bit sour for you, adding a little honey is alright.

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