Exercises That Help Increase Height. unbelievable!


Some people are anxious to get taller because it is advantageous to have a good height. You can do something to improve your height. All you have to do is to execute some simple exercises.

Touch Your Toes

It is now the right time to get back to this simple exercise and no need to enroll to a gym class. To do this effectively, you need to stretch far down as much as you can. Begin performing this exercise by just standing straight, bend down and touch your toes. Hold this position for some seconds and put you hands back up on your waist. Repeat as many times you can.

Touch Your ToesImage Source: uptenlist

Hanging Exercise

This is basically called as “hang yourself” exercise. You have to hang down from a bar and allow your own body to stretch. You may hang and let your legs up in parallel into the ceiling to make a better stretch. You have to hold this upfor several minutes repeatedly. It’s best if you do it at least 3 times in a week.


If you want some fun while stretching, swimming is a great idea. It can help you increase your height. You need to try then plan to do this daily for 2 hours if you like to really increase your height much faster.

SwimmingImage Source: wfu

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