Eat 3 Pieces of Dates Everyday and See What Happens Next


Dates are a fruit that similarly looks like dried prunes. This is more common in Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

DatesImage Source: parentinghealthybabies

Have you tasted dates yet? If not, you should, and let’s bet you would start eating some after reading this information. Speaking which, we will briefly discuss the good effects of eating dates to the health.

But the intriguing part about this is why only 3 dates must be consumed daily? Well, 3 pieces are the average serving to eat to get the essential health benefits. Nevertheless, the following are the reasons why you must eat 3 dates every single day.

1. Full of Vitamins and Minerals

There’s no question regarding the nutritious value of dates since this is a type of fruit. To add more vitamin B6, fiber, copper, magnesium, manganese and potassium, just eat 3 dates a day.

2. Aid in Digestion

Due to the presence of fibers, dates are able to treat many digestive problems, which include constipation and hemorrhoids. This fruit is also helpful in reducing the risk of colon cancer.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

The mineral that helps normalize the level of blood pressure is magnesium. Good thing dates also contain this essential substance. If the blood pressure is reduced, there is a greater chance of preventing heart related problems.

4. Improve Heart’s Function

As already mentioned, dates are one of the fruits that are good for the heart because this has the ability to reduce blood pressure. The outcome of this is protection of the heart against stroke and hypertension. So those who have experienced stroke or frequent high blood pressure are advised to eat at least 3 dates.

5. Protect the Brain

In addition, this fruit contains vitamin B6 that is very significant for the brain. It maintains or improves the normal functions of the brain. Thus, providing better memory and quicker thinking.

6. Act as Analgesic

Manganese in dates is also able to ease pain and reduce swelling. This is not only effective in providing a relaxation against arthritis symptoms and joint paints, but also in preventing heart diseases and reducing inflammation in the arteries.

7. Good for Pregnancy and Weight Loss

A test study suggested that pregnant women eat dates during their last month have less painful birth delivery. Also, this same fruit aids in losing some weight, especially after pregnancy.

From what you read above, dates are not just a tasty fruit but a very healthy food.

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