Don’t Throw Sprouted Garlic


Garlic bulbs, which are usually old, feature green shoots sprout on top. This is commonly known as “sprouted” garlic. Most people think garlic has lost or passed its prime if green sprout is present. What they do is to throw it right away. This isn’t always the case to be honest.

Nutrients in garlic, whether sprouted or not, won’t diminish. They remain intact and pungent taste and odor are still the same. It means you can still rely on the medicinal properties and essential nutrients of garlic.

Don’t Throw Sprouted GarlicImage Source: healthylifeland

Dr. Mercola has studied benefits of garlic. When consumed raw, it provides many advantages unquestionably good for the health. Hence, it must be included into the regular diet.

The following are garlic benefits you must know:

– It contains anti-bacterial properties.
– It also helps fight off drug-resistant bacteria.
– It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.
– It prevents stroke, heart attack and heart disease.
– It lowers the risk of osteoarthritis.
– It protects the body against free radicals, toxins, and other harmful factors that cause certain cancers, including lung cancer, brain cancer and prostate cancer.

Yes, these health benefits can still be reaped even if the garlic is sprouted. You must eat as many cloves of garlic, and raw as possible, a day.

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