Don’t Sleep or Lay Down When Hair is Wet or You’ll Regret It!


Going to bed while hair is still wet is not recommended, especially during colder season. Why, because you can be more prone to viruses. This is due to the fact that, when your body is chilled, there is restriction in the blood vessels in your throat and nose.

Don't Sleep or Lay Down When Hair is Wet or You'll Regret It!Image Source: olwomen

There are a few reasons why you must not do this.

1. Hair Breakage

Hair is really fragile, so if you move in your bed while hair is wet, it can lead to hair breakage. Therefore, do not go to sleep or lay down in the bed during this instance. It is really important that you must dry your hair first before laying down. Wipe your hair with clean towel until it becomes dry and moisture is released.

2. Headaches

If you go to sleep or lay down when wet hair is covered with towel, this allows the humidity to rise in its temperature. It can definitely give you headaches. It is always best to dry your hair first before doing that.

3. Bacteria or Fungi

As your hair is still wet and goes to sleep, the damp or moisture is passed onto your pillow. Once pillowcase is wet, it attracts bacteria or fungi. This can result to the creation of fungi or bacteria around your pillow and its covers, and not so long into your head.

It is therefore recommended to not only make sure pillows are dry, but also pillowcases are washed regularly. This is to further prevent bacteria from forming.

You have learned that it’s not good to lay down or sleep while your hair is wet. It can cause one or all of these potential problems over time. You have been warned so the next time your hair is wet ensure to have it dry before laying down.

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