Don’t Lose Weight? It’s Probably This Hormone


Have you had that experience in which you tried to lose weight but seemed like didn’t work? It can be a real struggle to not achieve something that you really want. Of course, there’s a reason why losing weight is not working to some people.

Let me introduce you leptin. This is a type of hormone that is secreted by cells. Its function is to balance energy and weight. Hence, leptin is responsible in making you gain or lose weight. If you’re getting fat, you can also blame to this hormone.

LeptinImage Source: ijem

Leptin also reminds you when to put down your spoon or fork and knife. So the more leptin your body has the better chance of making you eat less and feel full much easier. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you eat less in a way you are able to skip meals or cut down your servings. It only means that you should eat healthier foods, and strictly if possible, so you still sustain essential nutrients. Most healthy foods anyway don’t have bad fats and low calories.

Another important function of leptin is that is stimulates fatty tissue to reduce energy and excess fat. But for some people who are obese, leptin can be resistant. If this happens, it’s termed as leptin malfunction, which is not good because it would be difficult and take some time to lose weight then.

The reason why leptin resistance happens is because of the high levels of this hormone. A person’s brain won’t be able to respond to leptin in this case. In a much surface sense, you’re likely eat more. This surely won’t help you lose weight if you are trying to.

The other bad news if leptin resistance occurs is that your body is going to be more susceptible with chronic diseases. This is due to the excess fats accumulated and increased inflammation.

As you are in the process of losing weight, it’s important to be patient but consistent at the same time. It’s not an overnight result, you must already know that. So don’t try losing weight fast and impatiently. Otherwise, you’d rely on crash diet that actually doesn’t help in making you shed pounds effectively. In fact, this diet may cause your leptin to become resistant.

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Other causes of leptin resistance are due to fat, sugar and carbohydrates. You must be cautious on what you put into your body. Eating healthy is still a part of losing weight, which you need to maintain every single day.

I hope you found this post useful. If you want to share your experiences, please feel free to drop a comment below.