Do You Know How Dangerous High Fructose Syrup Is? More Additives than Can Do Harm Than Good Here

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5. Sodium Benzoate

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Benzoic acid is naturally found in some fruits but at a very low amount. If this is combined with sodium hydroxide, it creates a flavor enhancer called sodium benzoate. This ingredient is commonly used in commercial fruit juices, carbonated drinks or sodas, wine, pickles and other fermented foods, vinegar and salad dressings. The level of this synthesized substance is high that’s enough to endanger your system.

6. Sodium Nitrate or Nitrite

Another additive that is used for coloring, flavor and preservation is sodium nitrate or nitrate. This is commonly found in processed meat foods. It is considered to be tremendously carcinogenic. It’s powerful to damage the blood vessels causing hardening or narrowing of the arteries.

7. Sulfur Dioxide

This is another form of preservative that is widely used in dried fruits, cookies, cereals, candies, ice cream and sodas. While it contains antimicrobial properties, it’s a toxic additive. This may cause flushing and tingling sensations, asthma, hypotension and anaphylactic shock. It also has the ability to eliminate vitamins B1 and E that are already absorbed in the body.

8. Potassium Bromate

To make doughs, bread, rolls and other pastries remain edible for days, potassium bromated is used by most companies. It makes the pastry products soft, more elastic and fluffy. It’s not that as dangerous as other additives but excessive use of this can cause damage to the thyroid and kidneys.

9. Trans-Fats

Trans-fat is not a new term to many people. You probably know how dangerous this is in increasing the LDL cholesterol levels. At the same time, this restricts the supply of HDL cholesterol. In the long run, it may cause some heart problems, such as stroke and cardiac arrest, as well as diabetes.

10. BHA and BHT

These preservatives are commonly present in potato chips, cereals, chewing gums and vegetable oils. They can also create a flavor and change the color. Health wise, they can cause reactive compounds that may develop cancer. Both may also affect the neurological system of our brain triggering altered behaviors.

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