DIY Rose Water – Yes, homemade!


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a fun way to make some home remedy stuff from house cleaners to facial mask. In this post, we are going to focus on DIY rose water.

Rosewater literally means rose and water. This has been traditionally used as one of the most prestigious perfumes during the ancient times and a beverage. As for now, you can see a lot of cosmetics that feature this. You can grab a bottle of body spray or a facial toner made out of rose water. But why spare extra dime if you can make your own?

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Yes, I know the problem is you don’t know. Well you can stop whining and scratching your head now. From the information below, you’re going to learn how to make your homemade rose water, which you can use on a daily basis, give to your friends this holiday season, or to start a small business if you wish.

What are the benefits you can get from rose water?

Rose has anti-inflammatory effects when applied directly on skin. On the other hand, water is a hydrating liquid. When combined, these ingredients make a great natural solution for rejuvenating skin. Plus, it smells fantastic you’d want to spray all over your body.

How to make DIY rose water?

First, prepare the following ingredients: fresh red roses (as many as you need) and some distilled water (at least 1 liter). Make sure to pick petals of roses only at the time you are going to start making this process.

Wash petals under running lukewarm water. Put all rose petals in a large pot filled with water. There must be enough water, but not too much, to cover the petals. Cover and let it simmer or until the natural color of petals begin to lose.

Let it cool down for some quick minutes and drain the liquid into a container. Voila, you have your own rose water!

You must prepare several spray bottles to have enough supply for your skin needs.

What can you do with rose water?

1. Skin Toner

After removing makeup and washing your face, tone it up before heading to sleep. It’s a great moisturizer to keep your face much healthier.

2. Perfume

As mentioned previously, rose water is a good body perfume. It has natural fragrance that makes you smell fresh.

3. Bath Scent

Add the simple fragrance of rose water during your bath time. Just pour some into your tub and start a 5 to 10-minute relaxation.

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4. Face Refresher

Believe it or not, you can also use this same natural ingredient to spray all over your face to freshen it up.

With just 2 inexpensive ingredients, it must be easy to make your own rose water at home. You are able to save some money using this for toning or moisturizing your face and adding fresh scent. Go ahead and start making your own homemade rose water! I bet you, this should be very fun.

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