Different Causes of Yeast Infection in Women


Vaginal yeast infection has affected some women. Its symptoms include itching, burning and white, thick discharge. This kind of fungal infection can be treated easily but it is important that you must consult a doctor once you have the obvious signs.

In some cases, women suffer from recurring yeast infection. It won’t just be itchiness and abnormal discharge. Here are what you should be aware of that indicate recurrence.

Yeast Infection in WomenImage Source: youtube

1. Using hygiene products, such as douches and bubble bath, for this private
2. Using antibiotics
3. Diabetes and disarranged glucose metabolism
4. Deficiency in ion; anemia
5. Changes in the vaginal pH during menstruation
6. Pregnancy
7. Not proper production of progesterone
8. taking HRT(hormone replacement therapy) and birth control pills
9. Immune system that is weak
10. Antifungal resistance
11. Reinfection of sexually transmitted disease or another

A naturopathic doctor may help balance your hormones, as well as restore digestive tract and healthy vaginal flora. It’s the best person to rely on when it comes to improving iron intake and improving immune system to have a better chance of preventing yeast infection. Also, keep in mind to have regular checkup with your gynecologist.

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