Did You Know That Drinking Cold Water After Your Meal May Lead To Cancer?


Do you have the habit of drinking cold water right after your meal? If your answer is yes, this brief discussion is definitely for you. You’re going to find this a very helpful post for sure, so just continue reading.

Many people like to have a glass of cold water when taking their meal. Particularly during summer or warm days, it’s refreshing to sip and taste the coldness of water as it goes through from your mouth down to the throat. Furthermore, drinking cold water assists our body in digesting foods. It is much easier to finish foods with some water drink.

Drinking Cold Water After A MealImage Source: humannhealth
Though cold water drinking makes you feel so good, there’s danger about it. And the worst fact is that many of us are not aware of that problem. Cold water hardens oily stuff from foods you just have internally taken. Consequently, it slows down the process of digestion, making it even difficult to finish foods.

Other than that, it has the ability to react with acid and start breaking down. Then, this makes its absorption by the intestine much quicker. Once lined into the intestine, it is converted into fats, which can be a cause of cancer in the long run.

So what you should do then to avoid this? The answer is very simple: opt for warmer water instead. You can also take delicious hot soup after a meal and drink lukewarm water.

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