Check Your Toothpaste. It May Kill You!


Toothpaste is commonly used to keep our teeth and tongue clean. It’s used every day and one of the basic needs in households. The question is, have you ever thought if toothpaste can cause some health risks?

ToothpasteImage Source: affinitydental

Probably, now you do.

There’s been a debate regarding how safe toothpaste is. Since it’s been used by 99% of people in the world for many long years, it’s a sensible fact that it is definitely safe. After reading this, you can have your own conclusion regarding toothpaste’s safety.

Fluoride is an important ingredient of toothpaste. It is good for teeth. The catch is that it is harmful if taken internally or swallowed. This is usually a danger to younger kids. There are non-fluoride toothpastes children can use though. Other than that, it’s not that harmful at all. The lack of fluoride can actually cause dental problems even.

Other ingredients in toothpaste are artificial flavors, diethylene glycol and triclosan. As a matter of fact, diethylene glycol has been used in toothpastes before and this should not be included in it anymore. Triclosan is compared to chloroform, which means it is a type of carcinogen. And as far as the term artificial is concerned, you know such substances aren’t natural.

Good news is that there is a herbal variety of toothpastes that you can use these days. This is believed to be a much safer and healthier option. You may also use baking soda to whiten your teeth, but only sometimes and not frequently. Another natural alternative is the use of oil pulling. But remember if you do these daily, the results toothpaste brings are not the same. You just have to either go for herbal toothpaste or check the label of your favorite brand.

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