Check Your Nails. They Can Tell If Something’s Wrong With Your Health


Nails are regularly taken care of. We trim them once they get longer. We wash and clean them every day. Most, especially women, do manicure and pedicure. Applying nail polish and adding some art makes them look beautiful and more noticeable. But be careful, too much exposure of chemicals on your nails can make them become dull, dry and brittle in the long run.

In a natural state, nails are translucent, dirty white or a bit pink in color depending on the race of a person. They change in color if there’s an indication of a health problem. Like most parts of our body, nails can directly tell you the condition you have to check and treat immediately.

Check Your Nails. They Can Tell If Something’s Wrong With Your HealthImage Source: webmd

Take a look of the abnormalities of nails that indicate some illness.

1. White Nails

This indicates that you have some problems in one or both of your livers. It’s important to have them checked out.

2. Pale Nails

It refers to deficiency in certain vitamin. The best solution is to have supplements or eat more foods that contain the particular nutrient.

3. Red Nails

This color tells you there’s problem with your heart. It requires immediate checkup to prevent any risk of stroke, heart disease or any related to it.

4. Blue Nails

Your oxygen levels in blood are low if your nails start looking blue. This may not be a new information already as it normally happens when a person is passing out.

5. Green Nails

There’s bacteria in the nails that must be eliminated once this change of natural color in nails occurs.

There you have the different interpretation of changes in nail color. Some are not that serious and can be easily solved, but whatever they are, it must not be ignored. You should do the most important thing and that is to have it checked for treatment and improvement.

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