Before You Exercise, Warm Up!


Whether you do it at the gym or at a spacious area in your house, exercising must first be dealt with some warm up techniques. It prepares your body for the mild to intense workout positions you will perform. It’s definitely helpful for you to prep up to prevent suffering afterwards.

There are 7 warm up moves you can choose from. Each of them is helpful in stimulating your mobility, strength, speed and endurance. You need to stretch for 5 minutes before doing any main workout.

Warm upImage Source: runnersworld

1. Chest Openers

This position is similar to an exercise equipment that stretches arms while positioned upward and chest open wide. It helps keep your core engaged. Do as many reps as you can for 5 minutes. This kind of warm up is also a nice quick stretch while at work if you have been sitting for hours.

2. Shoulder Rolls

You may have known and even tried this before. Simply rotate your shoulders in a big, circular motion starting forward to backward. Ensure to stand straight and maintain your whole body relaxed all throughout. It’s certainly a great stretch break when using the computer all day.

3. Lateral Reaches

Stretching from the rib cage to the hip, this move is another fantastic warm up before your main workout. You can do 3 to 5 reps of the left arm before switching to the other side or do straight 10 reps each. It’s easy and very simple to pull off.

4. Sumo Squats

This is not just a traditional squat. Feet must be opened wider apart and squat much lower. This helps improve your core and balance. It’s recommended to do at least 20 reps of squatting before going to the proper exercise.

5. Standing Hip Rotations

This can be regarded as a full body stretch as both arms and legs have to move. It’s also good for pumping your heart’s rate. To do this warm up position, just move one arm to the side as you stretch your hips supported by your legs, then the other arm. It’s similar to a karate or taekwondo exercise.

6. Runner’s Stretch

The focus here is more on the legs than the arms. Just do the running position and stretch the arms upfront and bend your elbow. It’s good for both the hips and hamstrings. It may be a little difficult at first few tries, but before the week ends, you are already a master of this movement.

7. Mini Fencer to Crab Reach

This is probably the hardest warm up from this list but it’s still manageable, promise. It’s a two-part movement. The first part focuses on the lower body by bending your left knee while stretching the right leg on the side and slowly moving hips from right to left. The second part of this warm up position is more on moving arms and shoulders by bending your torso as the left hand is placed on the floor and right hand stretches to the left through the open chest.

Keep in mind the benefits of doing some warm up movements before the proper series of exercises. You would have a better energy and stamina in performing your workouts no matter how intense they may be. Adding 5 minutes to your daily or regular isn’t that bad after all.

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