Beauty Benefits of Salt. Did You Know?


Salt is a common condiment that gives flavor and preserve foods. Do you know that this is also a great natural ingredient for cosmetic purposes? Yes, believably true!

1. Exfoliates Skin

Skin requires exfoliation from time to time. This is to remove dead skin cells and other pollutants or impurities. It has rejuvenating effect that makes skin looking more flawless and glowing. Besides, it’s a natural ingredient so it’s not harsh compared to other commercial scrubs.

To use this, you need a tablespoon of salt mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil. Pour this mixture into your bath and soak your body as you massage or scrub all over your skin.

2. Gets Rid of Acne

You can also lessen acne on your face as well as other skin area with salt. This has properties that clean pores and regulate sebum (natural oils) production. Just mix a pinch of salt in water or vinegar and create a paste that you must apply all over the affected area. Leave it on for some time before washing off.

Gets Rid of AcneImage Source: jazbalive

3. Whitens Teeth

A combination of salt and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a great natural solution for teeth whitening. That’s because salt can clean deeply and remove impurities while baking soda acts as a bleaching agent. So a mixture of these ingredients can be an alternative toothpaste. However, use it only once or twice a week.

4. Removes Dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair and scalp problem. Sometimes, shampoo with anti-dandruff doesn’t really solve it. And you surely don’t want to keep spending money for this kind of product. Fret not, as you can just get some salt to remove dandruff. This ingredient can naturally regenerate cells in your scalp while eliminating dead skin and impurities (dandruff). No additional ingredient is needed. Just some salt that’s gently massaged for 5 minutes is enough.

5. Eliminates Stains on Nails

Salt can be used as astringent in removing yellowish and other stains on nails. Combined with baking soda and lemon juice, a mixture of salt is able to do the treatment. You must do this every time you get rid of your nail polish.

6. Reduces Cellulite

Cellulite is an annoying skin issue to most women. To resolve this, mix some salt and coconut oil to make a paste and use it around the affected area. Gently massage for effective removal and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Reduces CelluliteImage Source: lipotherapeia

7. Alleviates Muscles

You may also soak your body in salt bath. It does not only scrub impurities from your skin and get rid of calluses but also relieve muscles that are sore and inflamed.

Isn’t this a great, inexpensive ingredient that provides many natural skin and beauty benefits? For sure you haven’t tried doing any of those so you are quite not convinced. But if you actually do it, you’d be amazed of the results. So I suggest that you must try at least one of those suggestions to see the wonders yourself.

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