Banana is Good for Skin and Hair Too!


Banana is a very common fruit and usually a favorite of many people, including children. You can easily peel the skin off for instant consumption. Slicing and blending them with other fruits can create a refreshing and delicious smoothie. You may even toss slices of banana in your cereal. There are just many ways to eat banana.

Other than its delicious flavor, banana is filled with nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis. It has vitamins A, B, C, and E. It also contains iron, manganese, potassium, zinc and of course fiber. So what does banana can specifically do to the body? Let’s see the different wonderful benefits of this fruit.

Banana is Good for Skin and Hair Too!Image Source: stylecraze

1. Improves Digestion

To prevent or treat problem directly linked to digestion, better grab a banana or two. The nutrients of this fruit help improve digestion. In fact, substances serve as friendly bacteria that help counteract bad bacteria causing digestive issues.

2. Aids in Constipation

Banana has pectin, which is a very helpful substance in treating constipation and improving bowel movement. Better eat at least 1 banana a day to avoid having more stomach problems.

3. Cures Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be also prevented and cured if you eat some banana. If you keep visiting the toilet, then you must know what to do.

4. Treats Piles

Piles are also cured due to helpful substances found in this fruit.

5. Reduces the Development of Stomach Ulcers

Truly, banana is great for the stomach as it can also prevent the development and growth of ulcers. Once consumed, great compounds found in the fruit enhances cells in the stomach making it stronger to protect it from bacteria and acids.

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6. Acts as Antacid

The same pectin in banana provides instant relief if you suffer from high acidity. Over acidity usually makes you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux. Not to mention, body becomes more vulnerable to getting diseases and infections if acidity is higher over alkaline.

7. Lowers Cholesterol

Another helpful reason why pectin in banana is good for the health is its ability to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol. Also, it doesn’t affect HDL cholesterol, so only the bad cholesterol is lowered.

8. Controls Blood Pressure

Aside from potassium, banana has magnesium and calcium too. All these three minerals are helpful in regulating your blood pressure. For those who suffer from high blood pressure, always have enough bananas at home.

9. Reduces Heart Attack and Stroke

The good effect of reduced blood pressure and cholesterol is preventing stroke or heart attack. Thanks to its great amount of potassium. Whether you have suffered from this cardiovascular problem or afraid to experience it, let banana give you some relief.

10. Prevents Insomnia

Do you suffer from late night sleep or difficulty falling asleep? This yellow-colored fruit has tryptophan, a type of amino acid. What it does is stimulate hormones that help you have a better and quicker sleep.

11. Provides Iron for Anemic

If you have anemia, you can rely on banana. Its richness of iron helps increases your haemoglobin levels. Hence, drinking a glass of banana mixed with other iron-rich fruits is a very excellent idea.

12. Protects Kidneys

Banana has the power to promote renal health. It has the same effects as cabbage and other root veggies. In the long run, this helps prevent cancer too.

Protects KidneysImage Source: dailyhealthpost

13. Promotes Bone Health

Due to the presence of calcium, banana is good for the bones too. It also has probiotic bacteria that aids in the absorption of calcium from other food sources.

14. Stimulates the Function of the Brain

B vitamins and potassium in banana are essential to the brain. These help improve memory, enhance learning abilities and regulate nerve functions.

15. Helps Lose Weight

Fat amount in this fruit is low. Plus, it is rich in fiber that aids in digestion and makes you feel full. You can just eat 2 to 3 bananas or drink 3 glasses a day to help you lose weight.

16. Cures Morning Sickness

Hangover or normal morning sickness in pregnant women is easy to combat with banana. Now, you know how to deal with either problem next time.

17. Rejuvenates Skin

Vitamin A in this fruit is essentially good for the skin. You can make a facial mask out of banana with the option to mix avocado and milk or honey and apply all over your face and neck. This alone helps moisturize your skin.

For a more glowing skin, mash banana and mix with lime or lemon juice. It’s another facial mask you can apply on your face, neck and other areas that you want to whiten.

18. Eliminates Pigmentation

Pigmentation, which is a skin problem, can be also solved with banana. Just make a mask of banana with honey.

19. Removes Dead Cells

You can use banana as an inexpensive skin scrub. Mix with a little sugar and apply on skin. This can naturally exfoliate skin leaving it healthier.

20. Acts as Anti-Ageing Agent

The use of banana facial mask on a regular basis reduces the development of pre-mature aging effects. If you use this, better leave it on for at least 30 minutes every day.

Anti-Ageing AgentImage Source: howws

21. Get Rids of Cracked Heels

For cracked heels, you can use the flesh or peel of banana. Repeatedly dab on the affected part of your feet. After some days, your feet feel and look smoother.

Based on these facts, banana is truly an amazing fruit. It’s not the most expensive fruit in the world or the most difficult food to get. You just have to eat more of this to ensure you reap the health and beauty benefits. Besides, no one can be allergic eating some bananas right? From mixed fruits to smoothie and facial mask, banana is an excellent ingredient.

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